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Statut - Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, SPHERE-CNRS

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Thèmes de recherche

- Metaphysical foundations of the physical sciences with regard to Niels Bohr.
- History and philosophy of the life sciences with regard to Charles Darwin and evolutionism.
- History of contemporary biology with regard to the origin of life.

Recherches actuelles

The research I am carrying on seeks deeper understanding of the conceptual shift from classical to Quantum Mechanics via a re-examination, in light of recent philosophical work, of the thought of Niels Bohr, a physicist who was a key figure in the creation of the theory, and who struggled mightily to understand the implications of the new physics. Though influential, Bohr’s philosophical thought on Quantum Mechanics is notoriously difficult to understand. The current project will shed light on Bohr’s interpretation of quantum physics by viewing it within a framework informed by Cassirer’s philosophy of symbolic forms, and the revision of Kantianism due to Michael Friedman. Alternative views to Friedman’s dynamical Kantianism also shall be considered.

Parcours de recherche

PhD in History, Philosophy and Pedagogy of the Sciences. University of Cagliari. Thesis in History and Philosophy of Science. Supervisor : Prof. Antonio Cadeddu. Opponent Prof. Mauro Dorato. Dissertation’s title : “An Historical Survey of the Origin of Heuristic in Niels Bohr’s Research Program”. Cagliari, 3 March 2011.

Specialization course in "Project cycle management", ILO (International Labour Organization), Turin, October 2001.

Specialization course in "International cooperation to development", Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome, September 2001.

Master (MA) in "Markets and Institutions of the Global System", ASERI, Postgraduate School of Economics and International Relations, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan. Thesis in International Economy : “Traning the management in multinational companies”. Supervisor : Dott. Ing. bruno Ciborra, Milan, 20 October 2000.

Dottore (“laurea summa cum laude”) Philosophy (MA+BA), University of Bologna. Thesis in Philosophy of Science. Supervisor : Prof. Sandra Tugnoli Pattaro, "For a post empiricist epistemology : Thomas S. Kuhn", Bologna, 21 November 1996.

Maturità Scientifica, Liceo Scientifico Statale (High School) “Leonardo Da Vinci”, Tolentino (MC). 1992.



2013 : Unity and Continuity in Niels Bohr’s Philosophy of Physics, Leo S. Olschki, Firenze, 210 p.


« The problem of ’meaning change’ in Friedman’s notion of constitutive a priori principle », Kairos - Revista de Filosofia & Ciência, 2012, 5 : 85-105, Centro de Filosofia das Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa.

« On the cultural relationship between Niels Bohr and Harald Höffding », Nuncius - Journal of the History of Science, 2010, 25 (2) : 317-357, Brill Academic Publishing (The Netherlands).

« Why does the traditional distinction between internal and external history not hold ? », Epistemologia, 2010, 33 (1) : 65-78, Franco Angeli, Milano.

« Occulto/manifesto, visibile/invisibile nei saperi dell’età moderna », Rivista di Storia della Filosofia, 2009, 3 : 539-542, Franco Angeli, Milano.


Conference : "The Philosophy of Ernst Cassirer", Milwaukee, 17-22 June 2014. Invited discussant.

"For a neo-Kantian interpretation of Niels Bohr’s philosophy of physics", 11 June 2014, SPHERE, Université Paris 7-Diderot.

CHPSTM Workshop : “Grete Hermann between Physics and Philosophy”. King’s College, University of Aberdeen, 5-6 May 2012. Invited discussant.

Seminar addressed to the Master in Philosophy, in the context of Prof. Lars Göran Johansson’s course. “Tim Maudlin’s Philosophy of Logic”, Uppsala University, 15 October 2011. Philosophy Department.

Annual Conference of the British Society for the History of Science, speaker in the session “Nuclear Science and Cold War”. Talk’s title : “The influence of the cultural background on Bohr’s interpretation of Quantum Mechanics“, Aberdeen, 22-25 July 2010 (with fellowship from BSHS).

Interdisciplinary Conference of AHLiST (Association of History, Literature, Science and Technology), speaker and chair in the session “History and Science”. Talk’s title : “The thematic origin of Bohr’s philosophy of physics”, Madrid, 23-25 June 2010 (with fellowship from AHLiST).

International Conference of History of Science and Technology, ICHST. Speaker and Chair of the session “Some Methodological Aspects of the History of Science”. Talk’s title : “Reconsidering the debate on Internal Vs External History”, Budapest, 28 July-2 August 2009 (with fellowship from ICHST).

Seminar addressed to PhD candidates, "Niels Bohr’s Philosophical Background", Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, February 2009.

Seminar addressed to the course of Theoretical Physics, “Niels Bohr : dalla teoria elettronica dei metalli alla formulazione del modello atomico quantizzato" (Niels Bohr : from the electronic theory of metals to the formulation of quantized atomic model), Cagliari, December 2008.

Annual Workshop of the history of science for PhD candidates, Domus Galilæana , Pisa, 9-13 June 2008 (with fellowship from Domus Galilæana). Talk’s title : “Gerald Holton and the origin of thematic thought”.

Workshop "Scienza tra congetture e confutazioni : K. R. Popper", Istituto Italiano per gli Sudi Filosofici, Bracciano, 5-6 May 2008 (with fellowship from Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici).


2012/2013 – “History of Scientific Thought”, Faculty of Humanities – University of Cagliari – Undergraduate Course (10 credits, 60 hours in collaboration with Prof. Antonio Cadeddu). Argument : Genesis of a scientific theory : Louis Pasteur and the refutation of the spontaneous generation thesis. Theories on the origin of life.

2011/2012 – “History of Scientific Thought”, Faculty of Humanities – University of Cagliari – Undergraduate Course (10 credits, 60 hours). Darwin’s epistemological approach to the Origin of Species.

2009/2010 – “History of Scientific Knowledge”, Faculty of Education Science – University of Cagliari – Graduate Courses (5 credits, 30 hours). The course focused on Darwin’s Origin of Species, and it was the occasion to apply epistemological models to a particular case study in the history of the life sciences : Popper’s falsification thesis on Darwin’s method of formulating hypotheses.

2008/2009 – "History of Scientific Knowledge", Faculty of Education – University of Cagliari – Graduate Courses (5 credits, 30 hours). The course focused on the history of epistemology in the twentieth century.

2007/2008 – “History and Critic of Science Development”, Faculty of Education Science – University of Cagliari - Graduate Courses (4 credits, 30 hours). The course placed emphasis on the transition from classical to quantum physics.