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4th Thematic School on Philosophy of Mathematics


Axes of research
4th Thematic School on Philosophy of Mathematics

Monday June 27 – Friday July 1rst, 2016
Venue : IMT, Toulouse

This thematic school, the fourth in a series initiated in 2012, concludes the Thematic Quarter "Current Issues in the Practice of Philosophy of Mathematics and Informatics" (CIPPMI), which was organized by Sébastien Maronne (IMT) and held in IMT in spring 2016.

It is organized in partnership with the GDR "mathematical Philosophy" directed by Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz (University Paris-Diderot) and the ANR project MathObRe" hold by Gerhard Heinzmann (Archives Henri Poincaré) and Marco Panza (IHPST).

The school theme is "The mathematical objectivity."
Schedule : morning a math class and a presentation of philosophy, and in the afternoon a course-view in history and philosophy of mathematics.

Speakers :
Andrew Arana (Université Paris 1), Jean-François Barraud (IMT), Paola Cantu (University of Provence), Xavier Buff (IMT), Etienne Fieux (IMT), Sébastien Gandon (Blaise Pascal University) Brice Halimi (Université Paris Ouest & SPHERE), Gerhard Heinzmann (Archives Henri Poincaré), Baptiste Meles (Archives Henri Poincaré), Marco Panza (IHPST), David Rabouin (SPHERE), Jean-Michel Salanskis (University of Paris Ouest), Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz (Université Paris-Diderot).

The specific program can be accessed at the following address :ématique-27-juin-1er-juillet

Organizers :
Brice Halimi (IPePh & SPHERE), Sébastien Maronne (IMT & SPHERE) et David Rabouin (CNRS, SPHERE)