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Axis History and Philosophy of Mathematics

Seminar Riemann

Organizers : Mathieu Anel (projet ERC PhiloQuantum Gravity, SPHERE), Marc Lachièze-Rey (CNRS, APC), Joël Merker (Univ. Paris-Sud Orsay), Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz (Univ. Paris Diderot, SPHERE)


The Riemann Seminar resume, after a few years’ interruption, conferences which closely combine the mathematical exposition and the philosophical analysis. This will be done by following a tradition of philosophy that builds on the history of science and integrates it into its analyzes.

PROGRAM 2016–2017

The seminar begins with presentations of class theory taken historically in two forms : on the one hand what we call classical class theory, a theory of great richness in the double tradition, Canadian (Mc Gill) and French (Ecole française des catégories), on the other hand, we will also propose from the same mathematical and philosophical point of view presentations which present relatively recent developments of the theory of higher categories. We will take as a starting point the large article / course of André Joyal Notes on quasi-categories (pdf accessible).

The first sessions will discuss Jean-Pierre Marquis’s classic book From a Geometrical Point of View, which raises the question of the constitution of the CT and goes back to nineteenth-century analyzes. Another issue that animates (gives life to) CT is that which traditionally relates to the distinction between "true mathematics" that would dispense with categories and the "formal" theory of categories. This question implies that the penetration of CT is evaluated throughout the mathematical corpus. Since the CT concerns in its very constitution the whole mathematical corpus, we must explore from this new point of view the theories which the Riemann Seminar had explored, notably certain developments of differential and Riemannian geometry and complex geometry. At the same time, we will resume the elements of the seminar interrupted during the last three years, which dealt with Categories and Physics.

The sessions will start at the beginning of May, and will continue in June then in 2017–18, at the University Paris Diderot. Dates and Rooms will be specified later on this page.


Building Condorcet, University Paris Diderot, 4 rue Elsa Morante, 75013 - Paris ou 10 rue Alice Domon et Léonie Duquet, 75013 - Paris*.Map
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