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L’Épistémologie du dedans

Mélanges en l’honneur de Hourya Benis-Sinaceur

Emmylou Haffner (Post-doc, Laboratoire de mathématiques d’Orsay & Fondation Jacques Hadamard, & SPHere), David Rabouin (SPHere, UMR7219), (dir.)

"This collection, which brings together historians, philosophers and mathematicians, pays tribute to the work of Hourya Benis-Sinaceur, internationally recognized specialist in the history and philosophy of mathematics.”


"An internationally recognized specialist in the history and philosophy of mathematics and logic, Hourya Benis-Sinaceur devoted her main studies to the 19th and 20th centuries. Heir to the French tradition of" historical epistemology ", her work has traveled in company historians as well as philosophers, logicians as well as mathematicians, "analytics" as well as "continentals", and always as close as possible to science in the making. This collection of homage thus brings together historians, philosophers and mathematicians, young and less young, in a dialogue whose model she urged us to follow and whose pursuit seemed to us the best way to honor her. ”

E. Haffner and D. Rabouin

: : Classiques Garnier, Series : Rencontres, n° 479, collection : Études de philosophie, n° 13
: : Published : 2021/02/10
: : 597 pages
: : ISBN : 978-2-406-10546-6
: : ISSN : 2103-5636
: : DOI : 10.15122/isbn.978-2-406-10548-0

TABLE OF CONTENTS : to download here

With the contributions of : Hourya Benis-Sinaceur, Karine Chemla, Paul Cortois, Christophe Eckes, Max Fernández de Castro, Emily R. Grosholz, Marie-José Durand-Richard, Emmylou Haffner, Gerhard Heinzmann, Jean-Pierre Marquis, Marco Panza, David Rabouin, Roshdi Rashed, Marie-Françoise Roy, Jean-Michel Salanskis, Dirk Schlimm, Erhard Scholz, Elisabeth Schwartz, Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz