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ETHE (Epistemology, Ethics and Therapeutic Education)

« Epistemological and ethical approach to therapeutic education in the field of Parkinson’s disease: knowledge transmitted, aims, uses »

The ETHE project, funded as a research project by IReSP, has begun on September 1st 2018 and will last until february 2020

Scientific coordination: Marie Gaille

Research contract: Mathilde Lancelot, Ph. D. Student in philosophy, SPHERE

The project focuses on therapeutic education which has been, up to now, mostly documented by health professionals and patients or medical professional associations. This project intends to lay the basis of an epistemological and ethical approach of therapeutic education and establish a collaboration with an ethnographic approach of therapeutic education.

It addresses this issue in the specific case of therapeutic education for Parkinson’s patients with deep brain stimulation.

Its first objective is to historically contextualise therapeutic education in this specific case and analyse its effects on professional practice, patients’ trajectories.

Secondly, it aims at conceptually characterizing the educative models at stake in it and determine the kind of knowledge, its contents and the competences involved in it, that is proposed during the workshops and sessions organised to educate patients, proxies and health professionals.

Finally, it intends to propose a comparison between therapeutic education in the case of Parkinson’s disease and deep brain stimulation and therapeutic education in chronic condition and other neurodegenerative diseases. We will pay a particular attention to the place granted to the deep brain stimulation technology in order to determine the specificities – if there are some – of therapeutic education in the case of Parkinson’s disease.

For further information, please contact: Mathilde Lancelot ( (at)
and Marie Gaille (mariegaille (at)