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Research Unit SPHERE

The SPHERE Research Unit, UMR 7219, was created on 1st January 2009 by the fusion of the CHSPAM and REHSEIS UMRs. Activities of the Units during the 2009-2012 transitional period are to be found in the archives of their respective websites CHSPAM and REHSEIS.

Covid-19, pandemic

The SPHERE laboratory staff apply the instructions of containment: since Monday March 16 2020, the services are all closed and the events are postponed to later dates.
Seminars, symposia organized by the laboratory since October 2019 can be viewed on this page.
We keep our activity at distance and remain reachable on our webpages.

Save the date [workshops, conferences, SPHERE]

FPMW 12: Twelfth French PhilMath Workshop

November 5–7, 2020, University of Lorraine

Study Day of the Working Group “Axioms & definitions”
A collaboration SPHERE-CGGG-IHPST
!! cancelled !!
Social issues and diffusion of the History of Science

March 12, 2020, University of Paris —PRG Diderot

Workshop, Project ETHE:
“Therapeutic Education”: What’s in a name?

February 24–25, 2020, IReSP Paris

Iran and Medicine from yesterday to today

January 20, 2020, University of Paris —PRG Diderot

Euclid on the road transcultural
Workshop III : On Clavius’ Edition of Euclid

December 13, 2019, University Paris Diderot

Conference "About a fundamental figure: Christine Proust"

December 9, 2019, University Paris Diderot

FPMW11 2019: Eleventh French PhilMath Workshop

November 14–16, 2019, Centre Panthéon Sorbonne

Science et Démonstration: Aristote, Seconds Analytiques, Book I

November 8–9, 2019, Universities Paris Diderot & Paris 1

Comparative perspectives on ethical, legal and social issues of genomics in research and practice
UK-FR GENE Workshop

September 30–October 1st, 2019, Big Data Institute, Oxford

Recent Publications

Active Cognition
Challenges to an Aristotelian Tradition
V. Decaix, A. M. Mora-Márquez, (Dir.), Springer, 2020
À l’aube de la théorie des quanta.
Notes inédites d’Émile Borel sur un cours de Paul Langevin au Collège de France (1912-1913).
M. C. Bustamante de la Ossa, Brepols, 2020
Aux Racines du transhumanisme.
France 1930-1980
A. Moatti, O. Jacob, 2020
Théorie des fonctions algébriques d’une variable
Richard Dedekind & Heinrich Weber.
Text introduced, translated and annotated by E. Haffner, Vrin, 2020
Making Sense of Health, Disease, and the Environment in Cross-Cultural History: The Arabic-Islamic World, China, Europe, and North America
F. Bretelle-Establet, M. Gaille, M. Katouzian-Safadi, (eds), Springer, 2019
Monographs in Tang Official Historiography : Perspectives from the Technical Treatises of the History of Sui (Sui shu)
D. P. Morgan, D. Chaussende, (eds), Springer, Cham, 2019
Les Raisons du doute. Études sur le scepticisme antique
D. E. Machuca, S. Marchand, (dir.), Classiques Garnier, 2019
The Impossibility of Squaring the Circle in the 17th Century. A Debate Among Gregory, Huygens and Leibniz.
Davide Crippa, Birkhäuser, 2019
Hommage à Jean Cavaillès
J.-J. Szczeciniarz, B. Mélès, (dir.), Hermann, 2019
Irrationality. A History of the Dark Side of Reason
Justin E.H. Smith, Princeton University Press, 2019
La stimulation cérébrale profonde, de l’innovation au soin. Les neurosciences cliniques à la lumière des sciences humaines et sociales

S. Demoulins-Canselier, M. Gaille, B. Moutaud, (dir.), Hermann, 2019
The Reform of the International System of Units (SI)
N. de Courtenay, O. Darrigol, O. Schlaudt (dir.), Routledge, 2019
Scholars and Scholarship in Late Babylonian Uruk
C. Proust, J. Steele, (dir.), Springer, collection Why the Sciences of the Ancient World Matter, 2019
Intellect d’amour
G. Agamben, J.-B. Brenet, Verdier, 2018
Mathesis universalis. Écrits sur la mathématique universelle. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Texts introduced, translated and annotated, David Rabouin (Ed.), Vrin, 2018
Fermat et les débuts modernes de la géométrie
Roshdi Rashed, Olms-Weidmann, 2018
Machiavelli on Freedom and Civil Conflict. An Historical and Medical Approach to Political Thinking
Marie Gaille, Brill, 2018
Pieces and Parts in Scientific Texts
F. Bretelle-Establet, S. Schmitt, (Eds), Springer, 2018
Pathologies environnementales - Identifier, comprendre, agir
Marie Gaille, CNRS éditions, 2018
An Epistemology of Noise
Cécile Malaspina, Bloomsbury Academic, 2018
La mésologie, un autre paradigme pour l’anthropocène ?
M. Augendre, J.-P. Llored, Y. Nussaume, Editions Hermann, 2018
Santé et environnement
Marie Gaille, PUF, 2018
Atoms,Mechanics and Probability. Ludwig Boltzmann’s Statistico-Mechanical Writings – An Exegesis
Olivier Darrigol, OUP, 2018