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Research Unit SPHERE

The SPHERE Research Unit, UMR 7219, was created on 1st January 2009 by the fusion of the CHSPAM and REHSEIS UMRs. Activities of the Units during the 2009-2012 transitional period are to be found in the archives of their respective websites CHSPAM and REHSEIS.

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Bridging the philosophies of biology and chemistry

June 25-27, 2019, University Paris Diderot

David Eugene Smith and the historiography of mathematics

January 9-10, 2019, University Paris Diderot, Paris

Tenth French Philosophy of Mathematics Workshop (FPMW 10)

November 8-10, 2018, Paris.

The Three Souls in the History of Medicine and Philosophy
October 5-6th, 2018, Columbia Center Paris
Rhetorical passions, political passions
September 28th, 2018, University Paris 1, Paris

History of the Neutrino

September 5th-6th 2018, University Paris Diderot, Paris

Recent Publications

Mathesis universalis. Écrits sur la mathématique universelle. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Texts introduced, translated and annotated under the direction of David Rabouin (Ed.), Vrin, 2018
Fermat et les débuts modernes de la géométrie
Roshdi Rashed, Olms-Weidmann, 2018
Machiavelli on Freedom and Civil Conflict. An Historical and Medical Approach to Political Thinking
Marie Gaille, Brill, 2018
Pieces and Parts in Scientific Texts
F. Bretelle-Establet, S. Schmitt, (Eds), Springer, 2018
Pathologies environnementales - Identifier, comprendre, agir
M. Gaille, CNRS éditions, 2018
An Epistemology of Noise
Cécile Malaspina, Bloomsbury Academic, 2018
La mésologie, un autre paradigme pour l’anthropocène ?
M. Augendre, J.-P. Llored, Y. Nussaume, Editions Hermann, 2018
Santé et environnement
M. Gaille, PUF, 2018
Atoms,Mechanics and Probability. Ludwig Boltzmann’s Statistico-Mechanical Writings – An Exegesis
Olivier Darrigol, OUP, 2018