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Axis History and philosophy of mathematics

Reading Mathematical Texts 2012–2013

We read original sources and their translations, presented by their translator.
Texts this year will deal on the one hand on cultures of computations and on the other on the relations between mathematical texts and «texts of the practice» in commercial and administrative contexts.

PROGRAM 2012-2013
On Wednesdays, 9:30–12:30, 6th floor, Building Condorcet, University Paris Diderot, 75013.

28 Nov. , room Mondrian, 646A

  • Howard Goodman
    Li Chunfeng’s "Monograph about the pitchpipes and the calendar 律曆" from the History of the Jin Dynasty /Jinshu/ 晉書

12 Dec. , session with Seminar "Arabic" Mathematics, room Mondrian, 646A

  • Pascal Crozet (SPHERE)
    Le traité al-Kāfī d’al-Karajī en arithmétique

15 May 2013, room Klein, 612 B

  • Odile Kouteynikoff (SPHERE)
    Deux "Aduertissemens" de Guillaume Gosselin dans son Arithmétique de Nicolas Tartaglia (Paris, Gilles Beys, 1578) à propos des règles des signes en arithmétique et en algèbre.

5 June, room Klein, 612 B

  • Sabine Rommevaux (SPHERE)
    Une arithmétique des nombres cossiques chez Clavius, algébriste du XVIe siècle.