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Axis Recherches interdisciplinaire en histoire et philosophie des sciences et techniques

Machines and imaginations 2012–2013

Organization: Pierre Cassou-Nogues (SPHERE), Viktoria Tkaczyk, Koen Vermeir (SPHERE). Guest organizer: Christian Carletti.

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Archives: 2013-2014, 2011-2012, 2010-2011.

PROGRAMME 2012-2013

SEANCE 1 : 5 December 2012 9 :00 - 17 :00, Room Mondrian 646A (6th floor)*

:: Electricity and imagination

09 :00 - 9 :30

Koen Vermeir (SPHERE), Christian Carletti (SPHERE)
Electrical machines and imagination

09 :30 - 11 :00

Paolo Brenni (National Research Council - CNR, Florence)
Fairies, Lightnings and Dynamos: Symbols and Allegories in the History of Electricity

Ulf Otto (Stiftung Universität Hildesheim)
‘Pandora oder Götter-Funken’. Electricity as Pantomime

11 :00 – 11 :30 break

11:30 – 1:00

Christine Blondel (Centre Koyré, Paris)
Which Representations for Electrical "Healing Machines" in Late 19th Century France: Between Scientific Precision, Consecration and Nightmare

Baptiste Brun (Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense)
Art brut and electricity : an anti-modern iconography ?

13 :00 – 14 :30 lunch

14 :30 – 16 :00

Remko Scha (University of Amsterdam)
Electric Power and the Human Body

Sam Halliday (Queen Mary, University of London)
Bipolarity and Sexuality

16 :00 – 16 :15 break

16 :15 – 17 :00

Laura Ludtke (University of Oxford)
Electric Lights, New Mesmerism, and the Spectacle of Science in Richard Marsh’s ’The Beetle’ (1897)

SEANCE 2 : March 15 and 16 2013 session at Academia Belgica, Roma

:: Deus in Machina: Machines, Theatre and Religion in Early Modern Europe

Organized in collaboration with the project "La société du spectacle: La fête baroque entre Italie et anciens Pays-Bas (1585-1685)"

This seminar session consists of a double workshop, in two days, with each day covering a distinct research question. The talks of the first day will consist of historical studies of the technical artifacts involved in religious theatres and feasts. The second day will consist of a reflection on the possibility, challenges and problems of reconstructing the technical aspects of such a spectacle, and what can be learned from such reconstructions. On the second day, there will also be a few brief student presentations on the architectural, artistic and theatrical stakes involved in reconstructing baroque spectacles. The workshop is situated in a series of events, organized by the project "La société du spectacle: La fête baroque entre Italie et anciens Pays-Bas (1585-1685)", which also sponsors the financing of this double workshop.

Confirmed speakers are:

Giuseppe Adami (Archivio Compagnoni Floriani, Macerata); Stijn Bussels (Leiden); Maarten Delbeke (Gent/Leiden); Philine Helas (Rome); Alexandre Neuwahl (Florence); Davide Russo (Vinci); Viktoria Tkaczyk (Amsterdam/Berlin); Bram van Oostveldt (Amsterdam); Koen Vermeir (SPHERE); Stefan Weinzierl (Berlin).

Monday 10 June 2013 9 :00 - 17 :00, Room 437A (4th floor)*

:: La machine et les 5 sens

10 :00

Matt Jordan (PennState)
All is quiet in the machine: Noise cancellation technology and the new quietism.

11 :00 – 11 :15 break

11:15 – 12:15

Sylvie Allouche (Bristol)
Imaginer l’extension technologique de la perception.

14 :00 – 15 :00

Uta Kornmeier (ZFL, Berlin)
Seeing through. Sculpture and x-rays.

15 :00 – 15 :15 break

15 :15 – 16 :15

Charles Lenay (UT Compiègne)
Substitution sensorielle ou suppléance perceptive. Approche minimaliste

* University Paris Diderot, building Condorcet - site Rive Gauche, 4, rue Elsa Morante, 75013 Paris.