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Axis History of philosophy from Ancient to Modern Age

History of Logic 2013–2014

Organisation : Ahmed Hasnaoui (SPHERE–CHSPAM, CNRS).

Archives: 2014–15,
2012–13, History of Arabic Logic.

PROGRAM 2013–2014: sessions from 10 :00 to 12 :30 on Tuesdays.

Building Condorcet, Université Paris Diderot, 4 rue Elsa Morante, 75013 - Paris*. Map.

These four seminars form part of a project devoted to the history of theories of reasoning in the Aristotelian tradition stretching from Antiquity up to the nineteenth century.
Seminar and courses by Pr Paul Thom (The University of Sydney).
Another session on June 5, by J.L. Hudry (University of Sao Paulo).

12 November
, Room Rothko, 412B

The science and art of logic.

Aristotle’s views about what he was doing in the different books of the Organon. Alexander of Aphrodisias on the status of logic. Logic as practised by Avicenna. Robert Kilwardby on logic as a linguistic study, and its differences from rhetoric. Modern views about logical truth and the status of logical norms.

3 December, Room Rothko, 412B

The syllogism.

Aristotle’s definition of the syllogism as expounded by Alexander, Averroes and Kilwardby. The syllogism versus dialectical reasoning. The flaws in syllogistic reasoning discussed in Book II of the Prior Analytics. Bolzano, Smiley and Priest on the formal analysis of the syllogism.

7 January, Room Mondrian, 646A

The logic of categorical propositions – I.

The semantics of Aristotelian assertoric and modal propositions according to modern predicate-logic (Nortmann). Malink-style term logics. Application of this type of analysis to the logic of Avicenna and his successors.

4 February, Room Mondrian, 646A

The logic of categorical propositions – II.

The analysis of assertoric and modal propositions in Kilwardby and his successors. The distinction between habitual and actual predications. The distinction between syllogistic and non-syllogistic inferences.

5 June, Room Klein, 612B

Jean-Louis Hudry (University of Sao Paulo)

Le rôle du moyen terme dans la démonstration chez Aristote.

*Metro : line 14, RER C, stop: Bibliothèque François Mitterrand. Bus : 62 89 325 64 / Avenue de France.

*Metro : ligne 14, RER C, arrêt : Bibliothèque François Mitterrand. Bus : 62 89 325 64 / Avenue de France.