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Axis Interdisciplinary Research in History and Philosophy of Science

Machines and Imagination 2013–2014

The seminar aims at investigating the intersections between the history of machines and different discourses on imagination from the early modern period onwards. The seminar consists of 3-4 one day workshops per year, each on a different topic. Participants in the workshops will give a presentation on a concrete or imaginary machine and they will trace the circulation of this machine in different discourses in a specific time period. Workshop languages are French and English.

Organisation: Pierre Cassou-Nogues (Université Paris 8), Koen Vermeir (CNRS, SPHERE).

CALENDAR 2013-2014

Thursday 13 March
, Room Rothko, 412B*

:: Machine and time

11 :00–13 :00

Paul Harris (Loyola Marymount University)

Probing the Depths of Time: Science, Philosophy, Poetics.

Elie During (Université Paris 10)

La machine simultanéiste : introduction au temps vertical.

14 :30–16 :30

Jimena Canales (Harvard University)

Time Travel: Machines, Theories and Desires.

Arnaud Regnauld (Paris 8)

’There are emptinesses to be filled with nothing but seeing — and in seeing, being nothing but that which fills our eyes with the ghosts of digital thoughtography’ - /Filmtext 2.0/ de Mark Amerika.

17 :00

Darian Mecham (UWE, Bristol)


Wednesday 14 May, Room Klein, 612B*

:: Machine and the five senses

9 :45 : introduction

10 :00

Michael Wheeler (Stirling)

Minds without Frontiers: Extended Senses and the Senses of Extension.

11 :00

James Williams (Dundee)

Duchamp transformations and the refinement of feedback by continental philosophy (with some examples from David Foster Wallace).

14 :00

Kirian Murphy (university of Colorado)

Le Sens de l’électromagnétisme dans la littérature du 19e siècle.

15 :00

Nicolas Wade (Dundee)

Machines and motion in the third dimension.

16 :30

Margarete Vöhringer (Berlin)

Sight disorders - Visual instruments and their effects in Arts and Sciences.

17 :30

Andreas Mayer (Paris)

Walking Machines in the 19th Century.

* University Paris Diderot, building – Condorcet - site Rive Gauche, 4, rue Elsa Morante, 75013 Paris.