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A Mathematician’s Journeys. Otto Neugebauer and Modern Transformations of Ancient Science

Alexander Jones (ISAW, NYU), Christine Proust (CNRS, SPHERE & SAW ERC project), John M. Steele (Brown University), (Eds)

: : Springer, series Archimedes, Vol. 45
: : xi, 342 pages, 54 illus. in color
: : 2016
: : ISBN : 978-3-319-25863-8

" The first major study of the 20th century’s most influential historian of science and his impact."

"New perspectives on the mathematical community in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s."

"Explores how our understanding of ancient mathematics and astronomy has evolved since the late 19th century."

"This book explores facets of Otto Neugebauer’s career, his impact on the history and practice of mathematics, and the ways in which his legacy has been preserved or transformed in recent decades, looking ahead to the directions in which the study of the history of science will head in the twenty-first century. Neugebauer, more than any other scholar of recent times, shaped the way we perceive premodern science. Through his scholarship and influence on students and collaborators, he inculcated both an approach to historical research on ancient and medieval mathematics and astronomy through precise mathematical and philological study of texts, and a vision of these sciences as systems of knowledge and method that spread outward from the ancient Near Eastern civilizations, crossing cultural boundaries and circulating over a tremendous geographical expanse of the Old World from the Atlantic to India."


From Graz to Göttingen : Neugebauer’s Early Intellectual Journey, pp.1–59
Rowe, David E.

"Not in Possession of Any Weltanschauung” : Otto Neugebauer’s Flight from Nazi Germany and His Search for Objectivity in Mathematics, in Reviewing, and in History, pp. 61–106
Siegmund-Schultze, Reinhard

Otto Neugebauer’s Visits to Copenhagen and His Connection to Denmark, pp. 107–126
Brack-Bernsen, Lis

Otto Neugebauer and Ancient Egypt
, pp. 127–163
Ritter, Jim

As the Outsider Walked in the Historiography of Mesopotamian Mathematics Until Neugebauer, pp. 165–195
Høyrup, Jens

François Thureau-Dangin and Cuneiform Mathematics, pp. 197-206
André-Salvini, Béatrice

Mathematical and Philological Insights on Cuneiform Texts. Neugebauer’s Correspondence with Fellow Assyriologists, pp. 207–235 

Proust, Christine

After Neugebauer : Recent Developments in Mesopotamian Mathematics, pp. 237–263
Melville, Duncan J.

Babylonian Astronomy 1880–1950 : The Players and the Field, pp. 265–302 

Jong, Teije

Neugebauer’s, pp. 303–332
Steele, John M.

Translating Babylonian Mathematical Astronomy : Neugebauer and Beyond, pp. 333–342
Ossendrijver, Mathieu