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MICHEL Nicolas

PhD student at SPHERE

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• PhD dissertation under way in history and philosophy of mathematics. My research involves the history of enumerative geometry, and the works of Michel Chasles. More broadly, I am interested in the relation between algebra and geometry in the XIXth century, and the concept of symbolic computation.


• 2016 - current : PhD Student (Paris VII) under the supervision of Pr. Karine Chemla and Pr. Ivahn Smadja

• 2016 : MA "LOPHISS" History and Philosophy of Science (Paris 7)

Thesis : "Michel Chasles’ pratice of geometry : on the attraction of ellipsoids", under the supervision of Pr. Ivahn Smadja

• 2015 : BA Philosophy (ENS Lyon - Lyon 3)

• 2015 : "Agrégation" Mathematics

• 2013 : BSc Mathematics (ENS Lyon - Lyon 1)

• 2012 : Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon


Since September 2016, I am a PhD student at Paris VII with a teaching position within the LOPHISS program. My teaching duties involve the following courses :

  • Philosophy of science (M1)
  • Introduction to philosophy (M1)
  • Introduction to history of science (M1)
  • History of algebra (M2)
  • Philosophy of mathematics (M2)


• Radio talk show on public channel France Culture, entitled "L’affaire Vrain Lucas : L’Empereur des géomètres et le Prince des faussaires", broadcast on 26 March 2017.

• "Le principe de correspondance de Chasles", Rothko Workshop, 14 February 2017

• "Le calcul de Schubert : une introduction", Rothko Workshop, 21 March 2017

• "L’idée de principe de la géométrie dans l’oeuvre de M.Chasles", Journée de l’ED "Savoirs Scientifiques", 10 May 2017

• "On Chasles’ geometrical theory of attraction", Workshop at the University of Sevilla, "Mathematics and Mechanics in the Newtonian Age", 18-20 Sep. 2017

• "What’s in a conic ? Epistemological & Ontological shifts in the development of enumerative geometry", Novembertagung 2017, Brussels, 2 Nov. 2017

• "Euclid’s Porisms Lost and Regained ? Ancient Traditions, Modern Reconstructions", Workshop organized with Zeinab Karimian and Ivahn Smadja, Research School "The flux of mathematics", CIRM (Luminy), 9 Nov. 2017

• "Une proposition ’tantôt vraie, tantôt fausse’ : Autour de la controverse Chasles-De Jonquières", Journée de la RHM, Institut Henri Poincaré, 1st December 2017