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MICHEL Nicolas

Doctorant au laboratoire SPHERE

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• History and Philosophy of Mathematics, especially algebra and geometry in the 19th and 20th centuries.
• Symbols, notations, textual dispositifs in mathematical practice
• Epistemic values, norms, and cultures, and their role in the shaping of mathematical disciplines


• 2016 - now: PhD student (Paris 7) under the supervision of Prof. Karine Chemla and Prof. Ivahn Smadja
Thesis on the expressions of generality in the emergence of enumerative geometry (1852-1885)

• 2016: MSc "LOPHISS" History and Philosophy of Science (Paris 7)
Master’s thesis: "Michel Chasles’ conception and pratice of geometry: on the attraction of ellipsoids", under the supervision of Pr. Ivahn Smadja

• 2015: BA Philosophy (ENS Lyon - Lyon 3)

• 2015: "Agrégation" Mathematics

• 2013: BSc Mathematics (ENS Lyon - Lyon 1)

• 2012: Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon


Since September 2016, I am a PhD student at Paris VII with a teaching position within the LOPHISS program. My teaching duties involve the following courses :

• Philosophy of science (M1)
• Introduction to philosophy (M1)
• Introduction to history of science (M1)
• History of algebra (M2)
• Philosophy of mathematics (M2)


Invited talks:

• "The Principle of Signs in Chasles’ Higher Geometry: Simplicity, Generality, Expressivity", Simplicity Seminar, Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte,October 12th 2018
• "The issues of generality and geometrical significance in the genesis of Schubert’s calculus", Séminaire HPM, SPHERE, June 4th 2018
• "Une proposition ’tantôt vraie, tantôt fausse’ : Autour de la controverse Chasles-De Jonquières", Journée de la RHM, Institut Henri Poincaré, December 1st 2017
• "Euclid’s Porisms Lost and Regained ? Ancient Traditions, Modern Reconstructions", workshop coorganized with Zeinab Karimian and Ivahn Smadja, Research School, GDR "Histoire des Mathématiques", CIRM, November 9th 2017

Talks on abstract:

• "Numbers as symbols, numbers as concepts", Novembertagung 2018, Sevilla, November 30th 2018
• "On the Permanent Reshaping of Mathematical Objects,", ESHS Biennal Conference, London, September 16th 2018
• "Epistemological and Ontological Shifts in the Development of Enumerative Geometry", Novembertagung 2017, Bruxelles, 2 Novembre 2017
• "On Chasles’ geometrical theory of attraction", Workshop "Mathematics and Mechanics in the Newtonian Age", Sevilla, September 19th 2017

Public outreach:

• Radio talk show on public channel France Culture, entitled "L’affaire Vrain Lucas : L’Empereur des géomètres et le Prince des faussaires", broadcast on 26 March 2017.
• Introductory lectures on the philosophy of mathematics for high-school students, Lycée Jean-Baptiste Schwilgué, Sélestat (67), 2015-2018



• "The values of simplicity and generality in Chasles’ geometrical theory of attraction", Journal of General Philosophy of Science, Special Issue on Newtonian Mechanics, forthcoming


• S.Gandon & I.Smadja (eds.), Philosophie des mathématiques: Logique, preuve et pratiques, Revue d’Histoire des Sciences, 2018/2, Tome 71, p.329-330.