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The Leibniz-Stahl Controversy

G. W. Leibniz ; Traduit, édité, avec une introduction de François Duchesneau (Université de Montréal) et Justin E. H. Smith (Université Paris Diderot, département HPS, SPHERE)

The first unabridged English translation of the correspondence between Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Georg Ernst Stahl detailing their opposing philosophies

The correspondence between the eighteenth-century mathematician and philosopher G. W. Leibniz and G. E. Stahl, a chemist and physician at the court of King Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia, known as the Leibniz-Stahl Controversy, is one of the most important intellectual contributions on theoretical issues concerning pre-biological thinking. Editors François Duchesneau and Justin E. H. Smith offer readers the first fully annotated English translation of this fascinating exchange of philosophical views on divine action, the order of nature, causality and teleology, and the soul-body relationship.

: : Yale University Press
: : août 2016
: : 536 pages
: : ISBN : 9780300161144