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Intellect d’amour

Giorgio Agamben, Jean-Baptiste Brenet

This text is an essay on love and desire that both authors, as in dialogue, feed a reflection on the doctrine of Averroes concerning the intellect.
From a notoriously enigmatic poem by Guido Cavalcanti, Dante’s first friend, Giorgio Agamben offers an "Averroist" reading that emphasizes the fantastical nature of the amorous experience and reveals how close the intimacy between the intellect and the imagination is. .
In the same spirit, Jean-Baptiste Brenet is interested in the radical entanglement of thought, desire and image, which he shows must paradoxically be abolished before reappearing elsewhere and otherwise. In the analysis of the intellect of love, where man is tested differently by his own power, poetry, philosophy and politics intertwine.

: : Verdier, series "Philosophie", preface by Alain de Libera
: : 10/2018
: : 64 p.
: : ISBN : 978-2-86432-997-8