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Making Sense of Health, Disease, and the Environment in Cross-Cultural History : The Arabic-Islamic World, China, Europe, and North America

Florence Bretelle-Establet, Marie Gaille, Mehrnaz Katouzian-Safadi, (CNRS, SPHERE), (dir.)

"– Provides a multi-spatial and historical approach to the issue of environment, health and disease

"– Enlarges the analysis beyond the traditional disciplinary borders"

"– Highlights the variety of sources that give us an insight on the perception, understandings and theories of the relationship between health, disease and environment"

"– Gathers philosophical and historical methodologies, theoretical analysis and case studies in a mutually fertilizing way"

"This book has been defined around three important issues : the first sheds light on how people, in various philosophical, religious, and political contexts, understand the natural environment, and how the relationship between the environment and the body is perceived ; the second focuses on the perceptions that a particular natural environment is good or bad for human health and examines the reasons behind such characterizations ; the third examines the promotion, in history, of specific practices to take advantage of the health benefits, or avoid the harm, caused by certain environments and also efforts made to change environments supposed to be harmful to human health. The feeling and/or the observation that the natural environment can have effects on human health have been, and are still commonly shared throughout the world. This led us to raise the issue of the links observed and believed to exist between human beings and the natural environment in a broad chronological and geographical framework. In this investigation, we bring the reader from ancient and late imperial China to the medieval Arab world up to medieval, modern, and contemporary Europe. This book does not examine these relationships through the prism of the knowledge of our modern contemporary European experience, which, still too often, leads to the feeling of totally different worlds. Rather, it questions protagonists who, in different times and in different places, have reflected, on their own terms, on the links between environment and health and tries to obtain a better understanding of why these links took the form they did in these precise contexts. This book targets an academic readership as well as an “informed audience”, for whom present issues of environment and health can be nourished by the reflections of the past".


Introduction, pp 1-23
Bretelle-Establet, Florence

Creation, Generation, Force, Motion and Habit : Medieval Theoretical Definitions of Nature, pp 27-60
Draelants, Isabelle

The Animal Environment and Human Health : The Approach Followed by the Medieval Zoologist Ğāḥiẓ (Ninth Century) , pp. 61-78
Aarab, Ahmed (et al.)

Landscaped Environment and Health in Han China (208 BCE–220) , pp. 79-101
Despeux, Catherine

The Construction of Thinking on the Environment : The Words, Their Meanings, and Their Uses from 1790 to 1970, pp. 105-123
Chansigaud, Valérie

Environment in Relation to Health, Wellbeing and Human Flourishing : The Contribution of Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy of Life and of the Subject, pp. 125-144
Gaille, Marie (et al.)

Environment and Chagas Disease : An Elusive and Diverse Relationship, pp. 145-162
Gachelin, Gabriel

The Worst Environment in Which to Live in China : A Question of Points of View. The Legendary Miasmatic Far South of China Challenged by Local Doctors in Late Imperial China, pp. 165-208
Bretelle-Establet, Florence

Inhabited Lands and Temperaments : Observations and Therapeutic Solutions, the Views of Scientists and Medieval Physicians – Ğāḥiẓ (9th), Rāzī (9th–10th), Ibn Riḍwān (11th) , pp. 209-238
Katouzian-Safadi, Mehrnaz (et al.)

Health and the Environment : Aldo Leopold, Land Health, and the First-Person Ecology Approach, pp. 239-254
Larrère, Catherine

Urban Space of the Living and Dead : The Conception of Environment and Death in Beijing from the Eighteenth Century to the Middle Twentieth Century, pp. 255-284
Ju, Xi

Urban Nature : (The) Good and (The) Bad, pp. 287-308
Blanc, Nathalie

Health and the Environment in Ecological Transition : The Case of the Permaculture Movement, pp. 309-331
Centemeri, Laura

Affordances” : A Notion that Reveals How Artificial It Is to Separate the Body and Its Environment , pp. 333-346
Chabert, Anne-Lyse

Gestalt Therapy and Its Contribution to the Understanding of the Link Between Health and the Environment, pp. 347-366
Michon, Perrine

: : Springer, collection "Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science", n° 333
: : Print ISBN 978-3-030-19082-8
: : ebook ISBN 978-3-030-19082-8
: : DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-19082-8
: : XXI, 378 p., 11 illus.
: : Date de publication : 12/2019