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L’algèbre arithmétique au XIIe siècle – Al-Bāhir d’al-Samaw’al

Roshdi Rashed

After al-Khwarizmi had written his founding book of algebra at the beginning of the 9th century, algebraic research rapidly developed and enriched, before splitting and concentrating into two main streams : arithmetic algebra, l indeterminate analysis and number theory on the one hand, elementary algebraic geometry on the other. It is from the works of the first current that al-Samaw’al (died in 1175) wrote the first treatise in arithmetic algebra : "The Brilliant in Algebra", al-Bāhir fī al-Jabr. Here you will find the critical edition of this fundamental work, its translation into French, as well as its mathematical and historical commentary. This book is important not only for understanding the history of algebra in Arabic, but also that of Latin algebra from Leonardo Pisano and, more generally, the history of classical mathematics.

: : De Gruyter, series Scientia Graeco-Arabica, 32

: : April 19th and 30ethl 2021

: : Languages : French, Arabic

: : Pages : 575, 156 Illustrations (tables)

: : Keywords : arithmetization of algebra ; analytical art ; indeterminate analysis ; classification of algebraic problems

: : Formats