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Axis History and Philosophy of Mathematics

Reading group of cuneiform mathematical texts 2020–2021

Our working group meets once a month at Université Paris Cité to read and discuss, from photographs and / or copies and / or transliterations, selected cuneiform mathematical texts by the participants. Unless otherwise indicated, sessions are held on the Thursdays indicated from 1pm to 4pm in room 324 of the building Olympe de Gouges.

Anyone interested is welcome, whether on a regular basis or more punctual. If you wish to participate in a session, contact me if possible in advance so that I can send you practical information and documents to prepare the reading:
Adeline Reynaud: adeline.reynaud.univ ( at )

To current year and the archives 2018–

PROGRAM 2020-2021

IMPORTANT: Due to the current health situation, the sessions will take place by webconference.

If you wish to join us, contact if possible in advance so to get practical information and documents to prepare the reading:
Adeline Reynaud: adeline.reynaud.univ ( at )

2020/11/6 12/4 2021/01 02/12 03/12 04/9 05/7 06/4 07/2

  • !!! 2pm–4pm, November 6 !!!
    Cécile Michel (CNRS, ArScAn-HAROC)
    Paleo-Assyrian school texts containing conversion exercises

  • January 29, 2021
    Christine Proust (CNRS, SPHere)
    Nouveaux textes de procédure provenant de la région de la Diyala publiés par J. Friberg et F. Al-Rawi : IM 121613 et IM 121512

  • February 12
    Louise Quillien (ArScAn)
    Exercices mathématiques paléo-babyloniens sur les variations des prix du marché

  • March 12
    Robert Middeke-Conlin (Univ. of Copenhagen)
    Textes illustrant des pratiques mathématiques dans les activités administratives à l’époque paléo-babylonienne

  • April 9
    Mark Geller (UCL)
    Take a tablet and go to bed: dosage in a Babylonian medicine

  • May 7
    Massimo Maiocchi (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia)
    Autour des baguettes à calculer en Mésopotamie archaïque

  • June 4
    Camille Lecompte (ArScAn-VEPMO)
    Calcul de surfaces agraires et pratiques cadastrales d’après les textes administratifs du 3e millénaire

  • July 2
    Guillaume Toucas (SPHere)
    BM 34568, une collection de problèmes d’époque séleucide concernant le rectangle

*Building Olympe de Gouges, Université Paris Cité, 8 place Paul Ricœur, 75013 - Paris;
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