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PhD Student, University Paris Cité, Laboratoire SPHere UMR 7219

Contact :

PhD Thesis ""
Thesis supervisor: Karine Chemla


- Contemporary history of mathematics
- Military uses of science
- Circulation of knowledge
- Transnational history of science

My thesis, directed by Karine Chemla and Jean-Baptiste Grodwohl, aims to write the history of a mathematical optimization tool, Pontryagin’s maximum principle. The emergence of this result, a real tool for solving optimization problems, takes place in the context of collaborations between soldiers and mathematicians, in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. My work focuses on understanding both the circulation of knowledge that led to the formulation of this mathematical result, and the circulation of the tool thus manufactured.


- 2021 - 2024 : PhD Student at SPHERE, with contract with Université Paris Cité.
- 2020 - 2021 : Master 2 LOPHISS (Université Paris Cité)
- 2017 - 2020 : PhD Student at laboratory Jacques-Louis Lions, Université Paris Diderot (thesis not defended)
- 2013 - 2017 : Normalien at ’ENS Cachan, department of mathematics.


Instructor (department of History & Philosophy of Science (HPS), Université Paris Cité), I intervene in the teachings:

- Introduction to the history of science (TD, M1)
- Sciences, Techniques and Societies(CM, M2)


Presentations :

- A Soviet mathematical tool in the United States : Leonard Berkovitz’s paper on Lev Pontryagin’s maximum principle (1961). Seminar Mathematics 19th-21eth, history & philosophy, Laboratoire SPHERE, June 14, 2022
- Étudier une monographie par sa bibliographie : le cas de The Mathematical Theory of Optimal Processes (1961). Seminar DISc, Laboratoire SPHERE, April 6, 2022.