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The Oxford Handbook of the History of Quantum Interpretations

Editeurs : Olival Freire Jr, Guido Bacciagaluppi, Olivier Darrigol, Thiago Hartz, Christian Joas, Alexei Kojevnikov, Osvaldo Pessoa Jr

“Crucial to most research in physics, as well as leading to the development of inventions such as the transistor and the laser, quantum mechanics approaches its centenary with an impressive record. However, the field has also long been the subject of ongoing debates about the foundations and interpretation of the theory, referred to as the quantum controversy.
This Oxford Handbook offers a historical overview of the contrasts which have been at the heart of quantum physics for the last 100 years. Drawing on the wide-ranging expertise of several contributors working across physics, history, and philosophy, the handbook outlines the main theories and interpretations of quantum physics. It goes on to tackle the key controversies surrounding the field, touching on issues such as determinism, realism, locality, classicality, information, measurements, mathematical foundations, and the links between quantum theory and gravity.
This engaging introduction is an essential guide for all those interested in the history of scientific controversies and history of quantum physics. It also provides a fascinating examination of the potential of quantum physics to influence new discoveries and advances in fields such quantum information and computing.”

"Quantum mechanics is the basis for contemporary physics and our guide to technologies from the transistor to quantum computing, yet a century after its codification in 1926, debates rage over its physical meaning. The editors of this grand volume have assembled remarkable essays about the history and state of this theory like no other. Bravo ! Physicists, historians and philosophers will plumb the riches here for decades." Peter Galison, Director, Black Hole Initiative, Harvard University

Parts and authorss : (in entirety here )
Olival Freire Jr, Guido Bacciagaluppi, Olivier Darrigol, Thiago Hartz, Christian Joas, Alexei Kojevnikov, and Osvaldo Pessoa Jr.
Part I - Quantum physics : scientific and philosophical issues under debate
Franck Laloë, Wayne Myrvold
Part II - Historical landmarks of the interpretations and foundations of quantum physics
Anthony Duncan and Michel Janssen, Massimiliano BadinoHelge Kragh, Christoph Lehner, Christian Joas, Guido Bacciagaluppi, Klaus Hentschel, Daniela Monaldi, Osvaldo Pessoa Jr., Michel Paty, David Kaiser, Thiago Hartz, Alexander Blum and Bernadette Lessel, Alexei Grinbaum, Olivier Darrigol, Klaas Landsman, Fabio Freitas
Part III - Places and contexts relevant for the interpretations of quantum theory
Don Howard, Anja Skaar Jacobsen, Elise Crull, Climério Paulo da Silva Neto, José G. Perillán, Flavio Del Santo, Jean-Philippe Martinez, Kenji Ito, Josep Simon, Indianara Silva, Sebastián Murgueitio Ramírez, Thomas Ryckman
Part IV - Historical and philosophical theses
Stefano Osnaghi, Olival Freire Jr, Kristian Camilleri, Paul Forman, Alexei Kojevnikov, Richard Staley, Giora Hon and Bernard R. Goldstein
Part V - The proliferation of interpretations
Jeffrey Bub, Jeffrey Barrett, Hervé Zwirn, Karen Barad, Carlo Rovelli, Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz and Joseph Kouneiher, Valia Allori, Decio Krause, Jonas Arenhart, and Otavio Buenos, Dennis Dieks, Gustavo Rocha, Dean Rickles, and Florian Boge, Jean Bricmont, Alexander Pechenkin, Emilio Santos

: : Oxford University Press, Oxford Handbooks in Physics
: : 1. 312 p., 43 43 line illustrations and halftones, March 2022
: : ISBN 9780198844495