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Phd student, Université Paris 7 - Denis Diderot.

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Me, so far

- Laurea (BA) obtained at Milan University, 2005 ; Master 1 in Logic Philosophy History and Sociology of Sciences (LOPHISS), 2006 ; Master 2 LOPHISS, 2007.

- Ancien Elève of Ecole Normale Supérieure (2005-2008).

- Phd (since september 2008) under the supervision of Marco Panza, on history and philosophy of mathematics. The subject, in more detail : "the problem of the quadrature of the circle between XVIIth and XVIIIth century, and the status of impossibility proofs".

- From October 2009 to December 2009 visiting student at Technische Universität Berlin, working with professor E. Knobloch.

- From June 2010 to September 2010 visiting student at Campinas University, working with prof. W. Carnielli.

- From October 2010 to November 2010, visiting student at York University, Philosophy Department, under the supervision of prof. M. Beaney.

- From July 2012 to October 2012, Predoctoral fellow at Max Planck Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, under the supervision of Vincenzo de Risi.

Research Interests

- History of geometry from antiquity to early modern Age.

- Philosophy of mathematical practices, with particular interest for the role of diagrams in mathematical practice and for the status of problems of impossibility in early modern mathematics.

Interets (or, what I could do if only I woke up earlier)

- Elementary Geometry, its modern treatments, its logical aspects.
- Henri Poincaré’s philosophy of geometry.

Seminars, conferences

- 13th April 2012. "Géométrie, mécanique et Tractus", Centre d’études Leibniziennes.

- 05th December 2011. "Revisiting Descartes’distinction between geometrical and mechanical curves : the theoretical role of instruments", SPHERE, Séminaire Histoire et Philosophie des mathématiques.

- 26th July 2011. "Simplicity in Descartes’mathematical practice", Colloquium of Logic Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Nancy.

- 19th May 2011. "When things are not so simple. Simplicity in Descartes’mathematical practice", Nantes Colloque Societé Française d’Histoire des Sciences et des techniques.

22nd November 2010. "The exact way beyond cartesian limits. Impossibility and the Geometrical/mechanical distinction". Talk given in the Séminaire Histoire et Philosophie des mathématiques. Problèmes d’impossibilités en mathématiques (REHSEIS, Univ. paris 7, Paris).

- 1st October 2010. "Transconfigurational Analysis as Metamathematics ?", communication given at the conference : "Mathematical Analysis and the Origin of Analytic Philosophy", organized by M. Beaney and M. Panza.

- 22nd September 2010. Talk given at Campinas State University : "O papel da simplicidade na matematica : algumas observaçoes historicas" (The role of simplicity in mathematics : some historical observations. In portuguese).

- 19th August 2010. IV Séminario de Historia e Filosofia da Ciencia, Ilhéus. Talk : "Exactness and shift in geometrical Intelligibility. The case of the cycloid" (talk given in Portuguese).

- 28th May, 2010. Journée Doctorants, ED 400, Université Paris 7. Talk : "Résolution ou dissolution d’un Problème ? Le Cas de la Quadrature du Cercle"

- 09th November 2009. IP seminar, Paris. Communication : "As Simple as Possible, Descartes’ Algebraic Interpretation of Pappus’ norm".

- 22nd June 2009. « Coloquio de Historia e Filosofia da ciência », Univesidade Federal do Paraná, Curitiba. Communication : “La preuve cartésienne de la quadrature du cercle” (Descartes’ proof of the quadrature of the circle).

- 27th April 2009. Séminaire Histoire et Philosophie des mathématiques. Pratiques de problèmes (REHSEIS, Univ. paris 7, Paris). Communication : “La preuve cartésienne de la quadrature du cercle : le statut des problèmes impossibles dans la constitution des frontières du géométrique” (Descartes’ proof of the Quadrature of the Circle : the status of impossible problems for the constitution of the limits of geometry").

- 9th - 11th October 2008, Paris. « Workshop on the role of diagrams in mathematics : history, logic, philosophy and cognitive sciences », Organized by REHSEIS and Stanford University. Communication : " To prove the evident. On the inferential role of diagrams in Euclid’s plane geometry".

- 19th september 2008. Seminar given at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro(UFRJ) : "o papel das figuras na pratica matématica euclidiana", within the course on History of mathematics (The role of figures in Euclid’s mathematical practice).

- 11th april 2008. Lecture held within the seminar on Foundations of mathematics (prof. Carlos J. Alvarez), UNAM, Mexico City : " Descartes et la quadrature du cercle ".

- 25 -27th October 2007. Conference SISM (Società Italiana di Storia delle Matematiche), Paris, Institut Henri Poincaré. Communication : " Observations sur le rôle des figures dans la pratique mathématique euclidienne" (Observations on the role of figures in Euclid’s mathematical practice).

- 2 - 4th June 2005. ECAP (European Computing and Philosophy Conference), Department of Information and Communication, Malardalen University, Vasteras. Communication : "The ontology of geometrical objects in Poincaré’s philosophy of geometry".

Organization of Colloquia, Event...

- Co-organizer of the seminar on "mathematical Instruments and theory" (part 2) with dr. Marie-José Durand Richard, 14th May 2012.

- Co-organizer of the seminar on "mathematical instruments and theory" (part 1) with dr. marie-José Durant Richard, 5th December 2011.

- Co-organizer of the Colloquium on Evariste Galois, State University of Campinas, with dr. Fábio Bertato (Unicamp), dr. Itala d’Ottaviano (Unicamp), dr. Hugo Mariano (USP), 21-25th November 2011.

- Co-organizer with dr. Sean Walsh of the seminar "Impossibility proofs in mathematics", Séminaire Philosophie des mathématiques, SPHERE, 02nd February 2011.

- Co-organizer with Karine Chemla of the seminar : "Mondes géométriques et instruments", Séminaire Histoire et Philosophie des mathématiques, SPHERE. 4th April 2011.

- Co-organizer, with David Rabouin, of the seminar "Problèmes d’impossibilité en mathématiques", 22nd November 2010.


- Crippa D., Van Kerkhove B.,ed.,New Perspectives on Mathematical Practices, Essays in Philosophy and History of Mathematics (review), Les études Philosophiques, 97.

- Crippa D., To Prove the Evident : On the Inferential Role of Euclidean Diagrams, Teorie Vědy (Theory of Science), Vol. 31, No 2 (2009).

- Crippa D., A Prova Cartesiana da Quadratura do Circulo (forthcoming), Scientiae Studia.