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Axis Recherches interdisciplinaire en histoire et philosophie des sciences

Rethinking Practices and Cultures in the History of Science 2011–2012

Seminar organised by Cristina Cerami, Karine Chemla, Pascal Crozet et Koen Vermeir (SPHERE)

Every two months, on Wednesdays, in 2011 from 14:00 to 17:00; in 2012 from 9:30 to 17:30, in Room Mondrian — 646A, 6th floor, Building Condorcet, University Paris Diderot, 75013.
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A growing number of philosophers, philologists, sociologists, anthropologists and historians of science agree on the importance of studying not only scientific knowledge as such, but also scientific practices. However, approaches vary. Some scholars use the word practice in singular, others prefer practices, in plural. Do the two groups imply the same thing? A critical examination of this and other questions would be useful – and this is exactly the objective of the seminar.
The seminar is related to the ERC Project SAW.
Archives: 2012–2013, 2015-2016.

PROGRAMME 2011-2012

19 October 2011, 14:00–17:00

  • Agathe Keller (CNRS, SPHERE & ERC project SAW) presents

    Chemla, Karine. "Apprendre à lire : La démonstration comme élément de pratique mathématique." Communications 84 (2009): 85-101.
  • Olivier Darrigol (CNRS, SPHERE) speaks of his review of a book dedicated to practice in physics

    "Histoire de pratiques, pratiques de l’histoire", Revue d’histoire des sciences, 1997, Tome 50 n°1-2. pp. 195-206.

November 23, 14:00–17:00

  • Koen Vermeir (CNRS, SPHERE) speaks about his paper
    "Bent and Directed towards Him". A stylistic analysis of Kircher’s sunflower clock
  • Emily Grosholz addresses the question of practice from the perspective of
    Claudine Tiercelin, "Peirce on mathematical objects and mathematical objectivity"

February 8 2012

Theoretical approaches to practices

  • Florence Bretelle-Establet (CNRS, SPHERE & ERC project SAW) shares her observations on reading
    Lei, Hsiang-lin, "How did Chinese medicine become experiential? The political epistemology of Jingyan", Positions: Aast Asia cultures critique, Volume 10, Number 2, Fall 2002, pp. 333-364
  • Caroline Ehrhardt speaks about
    Pierre Bourdieu, "La logique de la pratique" in Le sens pratique, Chapter 5, 1980.
  • Lena Soler (Archives Henri Poincaré - LHSP, Nancy)
    Study scientific practices: what does it mean? Abstract

April 11

Practices and knowledge

  • Olga Weijers (Huygens Instituut, The Hague / IRHT, Paris)
    Practice of knowledge in medieval universities
  • Silvia di Donato (CNRS, CHSPAM-SPHERE)
    Texts and manuscripts: teaching and knowledge transmission practices in the medieval Jewish tradition
  • Laura Moeckli (University of Bern, Musicology Institute & Bern University of the Arts, Research Department - Interpretation)
    ’A free musical declamation’? Bridging the gap between notation and performance in the 19th century recitative
  • Jonathan Regier (Univ. Paris Diderot, SPHERE)
    The practice of theory construction: Johannes Kepler’s account of ’virtus motrix’

June 13

Suggestions for describing practices

  • Michael Hagner (Wissensgeschichte, ETH Zuerich)
    Reading, writing and research practices in the humanities

  • Ofer Gal (University of Sidney)
    What is a practitioner?

  • Joël Chandelier (Université Paris 8)
    La définition de la pratique dans la médecine arabo-latine de la fin du Moyen Âge

  • Marta Borgo (Commission Léonine, Paris)
    Predication between Practice and Knowledge: some considerations on Aquinas’ Sermons


  • Koen Vermeir speaks on
    Theodore R. Schatzki, Social practices. A Wittgensteinian approach to human activity and the social, Chapter 4
  • Christian Greiffenhagen (University of Manchester)
    The materiality of mathematics: presenting mathematics at the blackboard

Abstract LSoler - 61.6 kb

Abstract OWeijers - 102 kb