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UZAN Pierre

Associate member of laboratory SPHERE

Teaching of Physical Science at the Fondation Santé des Etudiants de France

Contact : pierre.uzan[at]

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- Teaching and Students Supervision
- Editorial Activity

Research Topics

  • Quantum approaches to consciousness. Philosophy of mind and quantum theory. Models of psychosomatic phenomena worked out within the framework of a generalized quantum theory : placebo effect, appearance and development of diseases.
  • Universality of the concepts of complementarity and entanglement. Proposal for a logic of entanglement.
  • Time and irreversibility issues. Informational theory of time from which can be derived the second law of thermodynamics and a time-energy uncertainty relation. Theories of branching space-time.


2013 Habilitation in Philosophy of Science
"Entanglement as an organisational principle of phenomena", University Paris-Diderot, Supervisor : Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz.

2010 PhD in Philosophy (Physics and Cognitive Sciences)
“Conscience et Physique Quantique”, University Paris IV. Supervisor : Daniel Andler.

1990 DEA of Logic and Foundations of Computer Science (Université Paris VII)
Model theory, Demonstration theory, Lambda Calculus, Calculability, Non Classical Logics and Cognitive Science. Dissertation : "La Logique du Temps Indéterministe" (Prof : D. Andler).

1989 Master of Philosophy -option Logic (Université Paris I - Sorbonne). Histoiry and Philosophy of Science, Formal Logic, Computer Science, Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics.

1977 Master of Physics (Université Paris VII- Jussieu).

Main presentations

International conferences

  • October 2016
    (Capri, Italy) Testing Generalised Entanglement, organised by H. Walach, guest speaker.
  • July 2015
    (Filzbach, Switzerland) Quantum Interaction 2015, organized by H. Atmanspacher and T. Filk.
  • May 2015
    (University Paris-St Denis) Conference on "The time of things, the substance of time", co-organised by the University Paris-St Denis and the International Society for the Study of Time (ISST).
  • November 2014
    (University Paris-Diderot) Organization and animation of a Workshop on Entanglement : http://www.sphere.univ-paris-didero...
  • June 2014
    (University of Lille) Vth congress of the Société de Philosophie des Sciences : "La Métaphysique des Sciences"
  • October 2011
    (ENS Paris) colloquium « Time and Emergence », organised by Rémi Lestienne (CNRS) and Claude Debru (ENS), as a guest speaker.
  • July 2011
    (Nancy) : 14th congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, « Quantum Theory beyond Physics »
  • October 2006
    (Schloss Beuggen, Allemagne) Decoherence, Quantum Measurement and the Arrow of Time, organized by the Center of Time (Sydney), IHPST (Paris) and IGPP (Freiburg), as a guest speaker.
  • October 2005
    (University of Krakow, Poland) Branching Space-Times Theories , organized by ESF (European Science Foundation), as a guest speaker.
  • July 2004
    (Clare College, Cambridge, England) Time and Memory, Congress organized by the International Society for the Study of Time (ISST).
  • July 2001
    (Castello di Gargonza, Italy). Congress ISST on Time and Uncertainty

Research seminars

  • Psychophysical Entanglement (Organisation and animation, University Paris-Diderot, SPHERE) : http://www.sphere.univ-paris-didero... (ongoing)
  • Quantum Probabilities : from Physics to the Decision Theory (IHPST, Paris, October 2014)
  • Applications of Quantum Theory Beyond the Material Realm (University Paris-Diderot, SPHERE, 2014)
  • Consciousness and Quantum Physics (ENS 2007 et 2008)
  • Physics, Statistical Information and Algorithmic Complexity (IHPST 2005)
  • A Logic of Physical Time (Sorbonne 1998)
  • The Quantum Logic (Sorbonne 1997 et IHPST 1997)
  • The Notion of Complexity (G. Heuyer 1996)
  • The Dissipative Structures (G. Heuyer 1996)
  • Quantum Physics and Reality (G. Heuyer 1995)
  • Thought and Mental Illness (G. Heuyer, 1994-1996)

Main publications


  • Conscience et Physique Quantique, ed. Vrin, coll. Mathesis, (2013).
  • Vers une logique du temps sémantique : irréversibilité mesure-quantique et processus de la représentation, Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, (1998).


  • "Deciding the Mind-Body Problem Experimentally" Axiomathes (2016), 11/24/2016 DOI 10.1007/s10516-016-9320-4
  • "A propos du renouveau annoncé de la métaphysique" Logos & Episteme, VII, 3 (2016)
  • "Super-Quantum, Non-Signaling Correlations Cannot Exist" pre-published (2016)
  • "Complementarity in Psychophysics" Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Atmanspacher H., Filk T. and Pothos E. eds,, Springer Vol. 9535 : 168-178 (2016)
  • "Logique quantique et intrication" Logos and Episteme, V, 3 (2014) : 303-318
  • "On the Nature of Psychophysical Correlations" Mind and Matter (2014), Vol 12 (1) : 7-36
  • "Psychologie cognitive et calcul quantique" Implications Philosophiques, 25 april 2014
  • "The Quantum-like Approach of Psychosomatic Phenomena in Application." Axiomathes (2014), Vol 24 (3) : 359-374.
  • "Unité psychosomatique, synchronicité et théorie quantique." Plastir,26 March 2013.
  • "Concepts pour une approche quantique du problème corps-esprit." Implications Philosophiques, 30 January 2013.
  • “A Quantum Approach to the Psychosomatic Phenomenon : Co-Emergence and Time-Entanglement of Mind and Matter”, Kronoscope, the journal of the International Society for the Study of Time, 12:2 (2012) 219-244.
  • "Une approche quantique de la relation corps-esprit" (2), Implications Philosophiques, 30 January 2013
  • "Une approche quantique de la relation corps/esprit" (1), Implications Philosophiques, 12 October 2012.
  • “The Binding Problem in the Light of Quantum Physics” NeuroQuantology 9 n°3 (2011) : 547-562.
  • “ Conscience et Physique Quantique ”, Intellectica n° 55 (2011) : 211-240.
  • “Quantum Theory beyond Physics : Entanglement as a Logical Property of Reality”, under publication
  • “ Informational Branching Universe ”, Foundations of Science, 15 n° 1 (2010) : 1-28.
  • “ Physique, Information Statistique et Complexité Algorithmique ”, Philosophia Scientiae, 11 n° 1 (2007) : 1–42.
  • “The Arrow of Time and Meaning”, Foundations of Science, 12 n° 2 (2006) : 109-137.
  • “A Cognitive Interpretation of the Notion of ‘Uncertainty in Time’ within the Framework of Modern Physics ”, in Harris & Crawford (eds.), Study of Time, vol. XI : “Time and Uncertainty”, Leiden/Boston : Brill, (2002) : 204-228.
  • “Analyse du paradoxe de l’irréversibilité et proposition d’une conception inter-subjective du temps. La théorie du temps quantique”, Philosophia Scientiae, 4 n°2 (2004) : 173-187.
  • "Pratique du karaté, katas et logiques du corps”. Che vuoi ? n° 7 (1998) : 149-154.

Teaching and Students Supervision

2017- now
Lecturer at the Institut Catholique de Paris (faculty of Philosophy)

  • Propositional logic, First-order logic

Supervision of doctoral and research master’s students in Philosophy of Science, Cognitive science

2009- 2010
Lecturer at University Paris 1 (UFR de Philosophie)

  • Introduction to the Philosophy of Physics.

Lecturer at University Paris I (UFR de Philosophie),

  • Introduction to Computer Science, Logic, Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Mind (course put online).

Since 1982
Centre Universitaire Médico-Pédagogique G. Heuyer :

  • Teaching of Physical Science, as a fully-qualified teacher since 1995, and of logic and philosophy of science to students in science and philosophy, for different pathways and different levels (DUT, licence, master, paramedical professions, medical science,…).
  • Head of the laboratory of Physical Science.

Before 1982
Teaching of Physical Science in public high school

Editorial activity

- Editorial secretary of Lato Sensu, the journal of the Société de Philosophie des Sciences.
- Member of the editorial board of NeuroQuantology