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Axis World History and Anthropology of Science

3 History of Science in East Asia 2012–2017

The information from 2018-2022 will replace those of 2012-2017 on this page.
2012-2017 information is now archived, which can be found under the heading
"Archives, Research Axes 2012-2017"

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Thematics 2012–2017

This theme brings together researchers working on sources in classical Chinese produced in the region of the world where this language has been the vehicle of knowledge of elites for more than two millennia but also in local vernacular languages. The political entities of this region have long shared a corpus of classical texts and a model of government, combined with a vision of the world. Taking into account both intellectual history and political history, the members of this theme set themselves the task of tracking and analyzing knowledge relevant to the history of science by restoring it in the framework in which they were formed , Practiced, transmitted and interpreted. The work carried out mainly concerns China, Korea and Vietnam over the past five centuries.

A collaboration with the CECMC (Center for Studies on Modern and Contemporary China, UMR8173 - CNRS / EHESS / Paris Diderot University) is continuing under this theme, with a joint seminar on the history of science, technology and medicine in East Asia, but also with the organization of the 14th Conference International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia (14th ICHSEA, Quadrennial Conference of the International Society for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine in East Asia), to be held in BULAC (PRES Paris Sorbonne Cité ) In July 2015.

Members 2012–2017

Researchers – Phds students – Post-Docs
POISSON Emmanuel
WU Hui