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Axis History and philosophy of mathematics

PhilMath Intersem 5. 2014 Seminar 2013–2014

PhilMath Intersem is an annual seminar in the philosophy of mathematics. It represents a cooperation of the University of Notre Dame, the University of Paris 7-Diderot and various other institutions in the US and France.
The fifth annual meetings of the PhilMath Intersem (PhilMath Intersem 5) will take place this coming June (June 2014).

There will be eight meetings of the seminar this year.

Meeting dates are June 3rd, June 5th, June 10th, June 12th, June 17th, June 19th, June 24th and June 26th.

Some of the sessions are single sessions (one presentation and discussion), and some double (two presentations and discussions).

All meetings will take place on the Rive Gauche campus of the University of Paris 7-Diderot, in the Condorcet Building.

See schedule on the website of Mic Detlefsen for fuller information.

Contact: Emmylou Haffner (Université Paris Diderot, SPHERE),