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// N° ANR-17-CE27-0018-01 AAP GENERIQUE 2017

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The activities of the Workshop Mathesis are now in the framework of the Erc Project PHILIUMM, on this page.
The activities listed below are the archived activities in the framework of the ANR Mathesis (most of talks were in French language).

17/06/2021(tbc) Working session webconference
13/05/2021 Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz (HPS, Université Paris Diderot, SPHere)
Sur les imaginaires chez Leibniz
!! 1pm–3pm !!
13/04/2021 Andrea Costa (CNRS, Centre Jean Pépin) :
De vibrationibus aëris tensi. Les recherches de G. W. Leibniz dans le domaine de l’acoustique
!! 10am–12am !!
16/03/2021 David Rabouin (CNRS, SPHere) :
On Leibniz’s use of fictions in mathematics
23/02/2021 Working session on the manuscript ’Scientia Perspectiva 2pm–4:30pm
26/01/2021 Lucia Oliveri (Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster) : Leibniz’s on the Limit of Descartes’s Philosophy of Language and its Impact on Mathematics: The Case of Fictions 2pm–4:30pm
08/12/2020 Working session on works of Mark Wilson (speaker: Jimmy Degroote) 2pm–4pm
18/11/2020 Cancelled !!
14/10/2020 Back-to-school meeting
Presentation of the website by Mattia Brancato and training of intervention methods
11/03/2020 – 10:15am-11:30am :
Shinji Ikeda(Toyama University, Japan) : La nature des quantités imaginaires chez Leibniz
– 11:45am-1pm:
Osvaldo Ottaviani (Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy) : Leibniz’s Imaginary Bridge: The Analogy between Possibilia and Imaginary Numbers in the Paris Notes
Univ. Paris Diderot, Building Condorcet, Room 483A
19/02/2020 Valérie Debuiche
On the analysis situs on Leibniz
– Presentation of works of young researchers
(V. Leroux, A. Remaki)
Univ. Paris Diderot, Building Condorcet, Room 412B
15/01/2020 Presentation of works of young researchers 2:30pm–5pm (tbc)
Univ. Paris Diderot, Building Condorcet, Room tba
18/12/2019 2:30pm–5pm
Sandra Bella (Post-doc, ANR Mathesis)
présentation du travail de transcription des manuscrits concernant les fondements du calcul différentiel
Valérie Debuiche (AMU, Centre Gille Gaston Granger)
Quelques réflexions sur l’analysis situs
Univ. Paris Diderot, Building Condorcet, Room 412B
20/11/2019 2pm–5pm
Javier Echeverria (Universidad del País Vasco)
Leibniz lecteur et critique d’Euclide : vers une géométrie leibnizienne
Vincenzo de Risi (CNRS, SPHERE)
Leibniz Reader of Euclid: notes and commentaries on the Elements, 1679-1716
Univ. Paris Diderot, Building Condorcet, Room 646A
16 & 31/10/2019 Study Days in Honor of to Michel Serfati Inst. Henri Poincaré
25/09/2019 1rst Day of 2019-2020
on the occasion of the visit in France of Pr Richard Arthur (McMaster University)
10-11/04/2019 International Workshop:
Perspectives manuscripts of Leibniz
Univ. Aix-Marseille
16/05/2019 M. Brancato (post-doc MATHESIS)
Presentation of the research program on the editing of texts concerning binary arithmetic
13/02/2019 Davide Crippa (SPHERE, post-doc Mathesis)
Around the curve construction
Discussion about translating manuscripts about perspective
06/03/2019 Emily Grosholz (Penn State Univ)
Leibnizian analysis in metaphysics, mathematics, physics, geology : From Leibniz to Darwin
09/01/2019 Presentation of the work of the young researchers :
Vincent Leroux (ENS et Université Paris Diderot, doctorant)
The classification of games according to Leibniz
Miguel Palomo (Post-doc project Mathesis)
Huygens and Leibniz : The thin line between the master and the student
12/12/2018 Day on the energetic design of dynamics in the classical age
Julio Vasconcelos (UEFS, Brésil, post-doc Laboratoire SPHERE)
Structural aspects of the Galilean science of movement
Adwait A. Parker (Stanford University)
Newton’s Mathematical Concept of Force : composition of active quantity of matter
7/11/2018 Presentation by Richard Arthur (McMaster University)
Monadic states : Leibniz’s Law of continuity and the discreteness of change
22/10/2018 On the ars combinatoria, presentations by :
Arilès Remaki (Univ. Paris Diderot, SPHERE)
The place of Algebra and the role of symmetrical functions in the combinatorial thinking of Leibniz at the end of the Parisian stay
Eberhard Knobloch (Technische Universität Berlin)
The Leibnizian concept of a general characteristic art or a combinatorial art: some examples
21/09/2018 Marko Malink (professeur, New York University) & Anubav Vasudevan –by visioconference–, (professor, University of Chicago)
The Peripatetic program in categorical logic : Leibniz on propositional terms
18/06/2018 Study day "Invention of the transcendence and reception of the differential calculus" with presentations of V. Blasjo, C. Schwartz, J. Peiffer & S. Bella
18/05/2018 Massimo Mugnai (Scuola Normale superiore, Pisa)
Leibniz begins : the dissertation on combinatorial art
Arilès Remaki (Mathesis, post-doc)
The role of tables and their structures in the evolution of Leibniz’s combinatorial thinking during his stay in Paris
16/04/2018 Study day on the Dynamica of Leibniz, with lectures by D. Garber (Princeton), F. Duchesneau (Univ. Montréal), M. Gibier (college, Amiens), A. Costa (CNRS) & E. Pasini (Univ. Turin)
21/03/2018 Valérie Debuiche et Mattia Brancato (Mathesis)
Presentation of leibnizian manuscripts on perspective
Javier Echeverria (University of Pays basque)
On the perspective at Leibniz
21/02/2018 David Rabouin (Mathesis)
On leibnizian axiomatization of algebra
24/01/2018 Davide Crippa (Mathesis, post-doc),
Accuracy in Leibniz geometry: instruments to build transcendental curves
Univ. Paris Diderot
19-21/12/2017 Launch of the project in the presence of German colleagues. Initiation to the techniques of publishing the complete works of Leibniz Leibniz
Archiv, Hanovre

N° ANR-17-CE27-0018-01