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Since September 2017, the workshop "Mathesis" has developed into an ANR project of the same name.
N° ANR-17-CE27-0018-01 AAP GENERIQUE 2017

It continues its researches in the framework of the ERC Project PHILIUMM (ERC AdG 101020985)

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The aim of the Mathesis project is to promote the study of the unpublished mathematical manuscripts of the philosopher and mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716), by means of a work of editing and commentary. We plan to publish nearly 800 pages of printed texts, as well as two volumes of translations and comments.

The idea of a European collaboration in this field is already old since it was proposed since 1901, when the launch of the edition of the complete works of Leibniz. The First World War unfortunately prevented this collaboration from succeeding, with regrettable effects on the one hand a considerable delay in the work of Leibniz-Archiv, and on the other hand an obvious obstacle to research.

To date, more than a century after the launch of the idea, nearly three quarters of Leibniz’s mathematical work during the period of interest in this project (1677-1716) remains unpublished. It is not necessary to insist on the obstacle this situation imposes on the research of one of the greatest mathematicians and philosophers of Europe of his time. According to the projections of the Leibniz Archives (based in Hanover as regards the edition of the mathematical texts), it will be necessary to wait until 2022 at the earliest so that this corpus can be simply approached, and 2053 at the earliest for the company can hope to succeed.

Our ambition is to initiate a dynamic remedying this very unsatisfactory situation for researchers, but also, more generally, for all those who are interested in the work of Leibniz.

Our work revolves around six major themes:

  • Perspective geometry (V. Debuiche, V. De Risi, M. Brancato)
  • Curve Geometry and Traction Movement (S. Bella, D. Crippa, A. Michel-Pajus, D. Rabouin, C. Schwartz)
  • Ars combinatoria (A. Costa, A. Remaki, D. Rabouin, Post-doc3)
  • Game theory (V. Leroux, D. Rabouin)
  • Logic and geometric analysis (J-P. Alcantara, V. Debuiche, V. De Risi, D. Rabouin)
  • Epistemology of algebra, foundation of calculation (J.-P. Alcantara, M. Houg, A. Michel-Pajus, D. Rabouin)

Link to the website of the project (beta version):

N° ANR-17-CE27-0018-01