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Empiricism and brain function in the classical age

Thursday March 5 2015
University Paris Diderot*

Study day in the context of the thematic days "Empiricism and brain function" organized by Celine Cherici, Jean-Claude Dupont, Charles Wolfe (master of philosophy at the University of Picardie), with support of SPHERE.

Previous topics: the status of the brain, Erasmus Darwin works on brain functions, and methods of phrenology.

  • 10:00 Introduction (Celine Cherici, Jean-Claude Dupont, Charles Wolfe)
  • 10:20 Pieter Present (University of Gand)
    Hooke & empiricism: making the brain a mirror of nature.
  • 11:10-12:00 Céline Cherici (UPJV & SPHERE)
    Cerveau et matérialité des facultés dans la correspondance entre V. Malacarne et Ch. Bonnet (1778-1788).
  • 14:00 Jean-Gael Barbara (NPA & SPHERE)
    L’histoire de la chirurgie au XVIIIe siècle.
  • 14:50–15:40 Paolo Pecere (University of Cassin)
    Kantian arguments on the limit between psychology and neurophysiology and their legacy in XIXth Century Germany.

*Room Mondrian, 646A
building Condorcet, level 6,
4, rue Elsa Morante, 75013 Paris

Metro : line 14, RER C, stop: Bibliothèque FRançois Mitterrand.
Bus : 62 89 325 64 / Avenue de France.

Jean-Claude Dupont (Amiens) : ; Céline Cherici (Amiens) : ; Charles Wolfe (Gand) :