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From History of Neuroscience to the Neuropsychiatry of the Future

December 3 & 4 2015

Amphitheater of ICM, Hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris

Organised by the FENS History Committee and the ICM
Language: french
Free entrance, registration compulsory at


Thursday December 3

14:00 Welcome Coffee

I. Introduction - The concepts: from history to innovation (chair: Laura Bossi)

  • 14:30 Welcome: Yves Agid (ICM) et Lorenzo Lorusso (FENS)
  • 14:40 The philosopher: why the history of sciences?, Claude Debru
  • 15:10 The historian: History of Neuroscience or historical epistemology?, Jean-Gaël Barbara
  • 15:40 The scientist: A history for the future?, Yves Agid
  • 16:10 Discussion

16:30 Coffee Break

II. Emblematic figures of the History of Neuroscience in France (chair: Claude Debru)

  • 16:45 Jean-Martin Charcot, past and present, Christopher Goetz
  • 17:15 Jules and Augusta Dejerine, the brain explorers, Michel Fardeau
  • 17:45 The “torpillage’’ neurologists: electric therapy in World War I, Jacques Poirier
  • 18:10 Discussion

18:30 Cocktail

Friday December 4

08:30 Welcome Coffee

III. Models per discipline: from history to innovation

a. Neurophysiology (chair: Jean-Claude Dupont)

  • 09:00 The neuron, Michel Imbert
  • 09:20 The glial cell, Yves Agid
  • 09:40 The Alfred Fessard School, Jean-Gaël Barbara
  • 10:00 Discussion

10:20 Coffee Break

b. Cognitive sciences (chair: Michel Imbert)

  • 10:35 History of cognitive sciences, François Clarac
  • 11:05 Biology of reading: 150 years of history, Laurent Cohen
  • 11:30 Alan Turing, visionary of the artificial intelligence, Jean-Gabriel
  • 11:50 Discussion

c. Psychiatry (chair: Anne Fagot-Largeault)

  • 12:00 History notes on psychiatry , Jean-Pierre Olié
  • 12:30 Schizophrenia, Raphael Gaillard

12:50 Lunch Break

  • 13:20 Depression, Philippe Fossati
  • 13:40 Research in Psychiatry, Roland Jouvent
  • 14:00 Discussion

d. Neurodegeneration (chair: C. Goetz)

  • 14:20 History notes on Neurodegeneration, Laura Bossi
  • 14:50 Alzheimer’s disease, Bruno Dubois
    -* 15:15 Parkinson’s disease, Jean Claude Dupont
  • 15:40 Discussion

16:00 Coffee Break

e. Examples of neuropsychiatric disorders (chair: Jean-Pierre Olié)

  • 16:15 Autism, between neurology and psychiatry, Anne Fagot- Largeault
  • 16:40 Tourette syndrome, Céline Chérici
    -* 17:00 Unpublished archives of Gilles de la Tourette, Olivier Walusinski
  • 17:20 Discussion

IV. 17:35 Panel Discussion - Conclusion and perspectives: Yves Agid)
Claude Debru, Anne Fagot-Largeault, Christopher Goetz, Jean-Claude Dupont, Jean-Pierre Olié

18:30 End of Seminar

Organising Committee:
Yves Agid (ICM, CHU Pitié-Salpêtrière), Jean-Gaël Barbara (CNRS, SPHERE), Laura Bossi (SPHERE), Céline Chérici et Jean-Claude Dupont, (Université de Picardie)

Support of:
Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle (ICM), Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière,
Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS),
Société des Neurosciences,
Laboratoire SPHERE (UMR7219, CNRS et Universités Paris Diderot et Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne),
Club d’Histoire des Neurosciences