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Gray’s anatomy : the first text-book of anatomy in Chinese

Jeudi 18 avril, 17h-19h

Université Paris Diderot, bâtiment Condorcet, salle Klein, 371A

par Gao Xi, Université de Fudan, Shanghai

Gray’s Anatomy is the single most significant textbook on anatomical knowledge in the mid-nineteenth century English medical academies. The first Chinese edition was published in 1881, designated as the only anatomical textbook for medical school ran by the mission society, and in 1885 the first official translation by the Qing government was issued. Through analysis of Gray’s Anatomy’s several Chinese versions, this lecture recourses and discusses how medical missionaries have borrowed terminologies and semantic tradition that were used in Chinese medicine to explain European medicine — from altering and completely abandoning Chinese medical terminologies and relevant knowledge, to establishing new medical terminologies and its configuration, and ultimately remoulding Chinese scholars and official system’s understanding of the knowledge of the body.

Gao Xi est une historienne de l’Université de Fudan (Shanghai) et travaille sur les savoirs médicaux dans la Chine du 19e siècle. Elle travaille plus particulièrement sur les échanges entre missionnaires euro-américains et leurs interlocuteurs chinois (

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