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Philosophy Tuesdays 2022-2023

The great questions of Arab thought

Averroès, détail d’une fresque d’Andrea di Bonaiuto, Florence
© Levan Ramishvili / Flickr

In collaboration with the philosopher Jean-Baptiste Brenet (University Paris 1, Gramata, SPHere), the Institut du monde arabe is launching a whole new cycle of meetings, every first Tuesday of the month from October 2022: Philosophy Tuesdays, to discover and deepen the major questions of Arab thought, still little known apart from a few classics.

If great figures, like that of Averroès, are frequently highlighted in mainstream literature and the media, the other dimensions of this Thought, which has nevertheless brought much to Humanity and to the dialogue of minds, cultures, are little studied and shared. However, they have resolutely contemporary resonances, and shed light on today.

This is why the Institut du Monde Arabe, in collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Brenet, is launching a whole new cycle dedicated to the major questions of Arab philosophy as part of the IMA Tuesdays.

Every first Thursday of the month from October 2021, the IMA invites a philosopher specializing in Arab philosophy to come and present a special dimension of this thought, then to dialogue with the public. It is also an opportunity to listen to texts by these Arab thinkers, so little known today, interpreted by actors.

Program 2022-2023

The first Tuesday of the month, at 7pm, sHaut Conseil Room (9th floor),
Institut du Monde Arabe,
1, rue des Fossés-Saint-Bernard, Place Mohammed-V, 75005 Paris

Tuesday October 7, 2022

Jean-Baptiste BRENET : La philosophie pour tous ? Elitisme et raison publique

Classical Arab thought is shaped by a tension. On the one hand, it values in human beings their intelligence, the rational nature of their species; on the other, it distinguishes within this species categories of individuals who seem incapable, except in religion, of hearing the same discourses and of reasoning in one and the same way. Is philosophy only the business of an elite? If so, how can we conceive of a public use of reason?

!! Friday !! November 4, 2022

Yadh BEN ACHOUR : Le projet démocratique dans le monde arabe, entre révolution et contre-révolution

Tuesday December 6, 2022

Meryem SEBTI : Imagination, rêves, visions. D’Avicenne à Mullâ Sadrâ

Tuesday January 3, 2023

Ali AMIR-MOEZZI : L’alliance divine (walâya) : une notion mystique entre l’Antiquité tardive, le chiisme et le soufisme

Tuesday February 7, 2023

Olga LIZZINI : La création selon les philosophes

Tuesday March 21, 2023

Nadja GERMAN : Le pouvoir des mots

Tuesday April 4, 2023 :

Souleymane Bachir DIAGNE : Eloge du pluralisme

Tuesday May 2, 2023 :

Jawdath JABBOUR : Qu’est-ce l’âme ?

Tuesday June 6 2023 :

Pierre LORY : L’amour divin en mystique musulmane


Institut du Monde Arabe, Room Haut Conseil (9th fl.), 1, rue des Fossés-Saint-Bernard, Place Mohammed-V 75005 Paris

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