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Symposium in honor to Dominique Lecourt Philosophy of science at the risk of freedom

A student of Georges Canguilhem and Louis Althusser, Dominique Lecourt was a key figure in the establishment of the history and philosophy of science in France and abroad between 1970 and 1990. He was instrumental in introducing history, philosophy and the humanities into science and medicine curricula, and strongly promoted interdisciplinarity. He was also an original thinker, reflecting on the work of Diderot, historical epistemology, the relationship between science and politics, the philosophy of medicine and transhumanism. Together with Jacques Derrida, he founded the Collège International de Philosophie. He also played a leading role at the Université Paris VII-Denis Diderot, where he founded the Centre Georges Canguilhem and helped to found the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, the Centre d’Etudes du Vivant (in support of Pierre Fédida) and the Institut de la Pensée Contemporaine. Last but not least, he was an admired teacher. Dominique Lecourt passed away in 2022. This symposium will bring together, alternating between personal accounts and scientific contributions, many people who accompanied or extended his work.

Organization : Claude-Olivier Doron et Céline Lefève


9h15 : Claude-Olivier Doron & Céline Lefève : Introduction
9h30 : Jean-Pierre Chevènement : Opening
9h45 : Alain Prochiantz (Collège de France) : Daring science
10h15 : Anne-Marie Moulin (SPHERE, CNRS) : Dominique, in good time and bad
10h45 : Discussion

10h55 : Coffee break

11h10 : Claude Debru (ENS Ulm/Académie des Sciences) : Historical epistemology and its reception
11h40 : Etienne Balibar (Université de Nanterre/Université de Californie) : Lecourt, rationalist commitment relaunched
12h10 : Discussion

12h30 : Lunch buffet

14h : Testimonies : Paul Garapon (Presses Universitaires de France) ; Sandra Laugier (Univ. Paris I) ; Gérard Molina ; Jean-Claude Seys (President-Founder of COVEA, to be confirmed)
14h40 : Monique David-Ménard (Centre d’Etudes du Vivant) : Dominique Lecourt, Bachelardian philosopher
15h10 : Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz (Université Paris Cité) : Dominique Lecourt. The human adventure, politics in philosophy, philosophy in science
15h40 : Alain-Charles Masquelet (Université Paris XIII/Académie de médecine) : Dominique Lecourt, master of speech, master of thought

16h10 : Discussion

16h20 : Coffee break

16h30 : Vincent Bontems (CEA) : Prometheus or the myth of progress
17h : Jean-Noël Missa (Université Libre de Bruxelles) : The future according to technoprophets
17h30 : Pascal Nouvel (Université de Tours) : Lecourt, feint, philosophy
18h : Final discussion and Conclusion