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Call for papers - La médecine du tri II. L’extension d’un paradigme ?

In 2012, a first interdisciplinary symposium had shown that sorting was a “flip side” of care, and not an act reserved for situations of medical resource scarcity. The resulting book, La médecine du tri. Histoire, anthropologie, éthique, demonstrated that sorting could be viewed as a foundation of current medical practice (Lachenal, Lefève, and Nguyen 2014), articulating itself more broadly to contemporary biopolitics (Fassin 2018). He began to list its multiple terrains : emergency departments, organ transplants, addictology, cardiac surgery, reproductive medicine, neurovascular resuscitation, palliative care, Permanences d’Accès aux Soins de Santé, HIV and AIDS, research protocols, etc.

As a follow-up, this second edition aims to question the extension of the sorting paradigm in contemporary medicine, documenting the diversity of prioritization and sorting fields and practices, and linking sorting operations to their political, social and economic contexts, as well as to the constraints that influence the values and choices of the protagonists. This symposium will provide an opportunity to take stock of the current state of knowledge and research in the social sciences and humanities on sorting in medicine. Please see the attached document for details of how to submit your paper.

Paper proposals are due by July 5, 2024 at the latest, to the following address :

Organizing Committee :
Céline Lefève, philosopher, Professor at Université Paris Cité (SPHERE), Director of the Centre Georges Canguilhem and the Institut La Personne en médecine
Cyril Knecht, doctoral student in sociology (USPN-IRIS)
Inès Labainville, doctoral student in sociology (INSERM-USPN-IRIS)
Roger Thay, physician, Groupe Diaconesses Croix Saint Simon, PhD in philosophy, Université Paris Cité-SPHERE

Scientific Committee :
Nicolas Belorgey, sociologist, Research Fellow at CNRS, Paris Dauphine - Irisso
Sophie Crozier, critical care physician, Head of the Neuro-Vascular Intensive Care Unit, CHU Pitié-Salpétrière (Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris)
Céline Gabarro, sociologist, Associate Professor at Université de Lille – CeRIES
Guillaume Lachenal, historian, Professor at Sciences Po – Médialab
Milena Maglio, philosopher, Espace Ethique Ile de France– SPHère
Sylvie Morel, sociologist, Associate Professor at Université de Nantes – CENS
Laure Pitti, sociologist, Associate Professor at Université Paris 8 – Cresspa