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Corpus of RenaissanceEditions of Euclid’s Elements (1482–1606)

Compiled by: Odile Kouteynikoff (SPHERE), François Loget (CESR), Marc Moyon (FRED, Centre A. Koyré).

- Introduction
- Principal characteristics of the editions
- Full references with, in most cases, links to digital versions accessible online (January 2013).

For modern commentaries see

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    Bernard Vitrac, "Euclid, Transmission of the Elements", complément et mise à jour, 2006,

Some of the works included here are also in the Corpus of Philosophy of Mathematics 1499–1701

This Corpus of Renaissance editions of Euclid’s Elements (1482-1606) began as a document for the 19th Colloque Inter-IREM Épistémologie et Histoire des Mathématiques, organised by IREM in Limoges, 8 and 9 June 2012. (We thank Bernard Vitrac for his reading of our work and Jacqueline Stedall for the English version.)

Articles: O. Kouteynikoff, F. Loget, M. Moyon, « Quelques lectures renaissantes des Éléments d’Euclide » in Les ouvrages de mathématiques dans l’histoire. Entre recherche, enseignement et culture, Barbin, E. & Moyon, M. (coord.), Limoges, PULIM, 2013.