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Archives of previous years here. The activities in the framework of seminars are here. All types of research activities are here.

Study Day of the research axis History & philosophy of medecine

May 4, 2021, webconference. Organisation: Marie Gaille (CNRS, SPHere)

Variations in History and Didactics of Mathematics


October 13, 2021, Université de Paris. Organisation: N. Decamp (LDAR) & C. de Varent (CREAD & SPHere)

Identity, Individuality, and Indistinguishability

6-8 octobre 2021, Paris. Organisation : G. Catren (SPHERE - Sciences, Philosophie, Histoire, Université Paris Diderot-CNRS, Paris, France), F. Holik (Instituto de Física La Plata-CONICET, Argentina)


“Fictionalism“ in philosophy of mathematics

April 8– 9, 2021, webconference. Organisation: Brice Halimi (University of Paris, SPHere), Fabrice Pataut (CNRS, Sciences, Normes, Démocratie)

September 2019 – March 2020

Study Day of the Working Group “Axioms & definitions”

March 17, 2020, University of Paris –PRG Diderot. Organisation: V. de Risi, in collaboration with the CGGG of Aix-Marseille & IHPST, in the framework of the working group "Axioms & definitions"

Social issues and diffusion of the History of Science


March 12, 2020, University of Paris –PRG Diderot. Organisation: C. de Varent (LDAR & SPHERE), N. Décamp (LDAR)

“Therapeutic Education” : What’s in a name?

February 24–25, 2020, Universty of Paris (Diderot). Organisation: M. Gaille (CNRS, SPHERE), M. Lancelot (CNRS, ETHE) in the framework of the project ETHE

Iran and Medicine from yesterday to today

January 20, 2020, University Paris Diderot. Organisation: M. Katouzian-Safadi, A.-M. Moulin, (SPHERE, CNRS-Univ. Paris-Diderot)

Metaphors for learning medicine by the book

December 3, 2019, University Paris Diderot. Organisation: F. Bretelle-Establet (CNRS, CHSA–SPHERE), in the framework of the Centre pour une Histoire des Sciences vues d’Asie (CHSA)

Eleventh French PhilMath Workshop

FMPW11 2019

November 14–16, 2019, Centre Pantheon-Sorbonne, Paris. Organization: A. Arana (IHPST), E. Haffner (SPHERE), B. Halimi (University of Paris), D. Rabouin (CNRS, SPHERE), with support of GDR Philmath, SPHERE & IHPST

Study Days in Honor of Michel Serfati

October 16 & 30, 2019, Institute Henri Poincaré, Paris. Organization: D. Rabouin, B. Gagneux, IREM Paris, Société d’Etudes Leibniziennes de Langue Française (SELLF), ANR Mathesis (Laboratoire SPHere, CNRS-University of Paris)

Comparative perspectives on ethical, legal and social issues of genomics in research and practice

UK-FR GENE Workshop

September 30–October 1rst, 2019, Big Data Institute, Oxford. Organisation : R. Horn (The Ethox Centre, WEH, Oxford), M. Gaille (SPHere, CNRS, Univ.Paris Diderot), M. Parker (The Ethox Centre, WEH, Oxford), M. Bale (Genomics England), H. Chneiweiss (CNRS), J. Merchant (Univ. Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas), A. Cambon-Thomsen (Univ. of Toulouse, CNRS), F. Maleady-Crowe (Genomics England)

Leibniz’s Principle of Identity of Indiscernibles and its Repercussion in Physics and Mathematics, II

September 27–28, 2019, University Paris Diderot. Organisation: G. Catren, B. Halimi, D. Rabouin, in the framework of the LIA France-Argentina « Identities, Forces, Quanta »

First Day 2019–2020 of the Working Group Mathesis

September 25, 2019, University Paris Diderot. Organisation: David Rabouin, in the framework of the ANR Mathesis

Science, philosophy and kalām in classical Islamic civilization: the old and the new

10th Conference of the S.I.H.S.P.A.I.

September 9–11, 2019, Naples, Italy. Organisation: A. Hasnaoui, C. Cerami, V. Cordonier, (CNRS, SPHere), A. Straface (Univ. degli Studi di Napoli L’Orientale)