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Axis History of philosophy from Ancient to Modern Age

History of Arabic Logic 2012–2013

Post-Avicennan Logic
The making of a classic textbook : Katibi’s Shamsiyya and its context.

Organisation : Ahmed Hasnaoui (SPHERE–CHSPAM, CNRS)

Archives : History of Logic 2013-2014 , 2014-2015.

PROGRAM  : sessions from 10 :00 to 12 :00.

Building Condorcet, Université Paris Diderot, 4 rue Elsa Morante, 75013 - Paris*. Plan.

Seminar and courses by Pr Tony Street (University of Cambridge)

Tues. 4 Dec. 2012, room Klein (6th floor, 612B)

Aristotle Absent ? The structure of a thirteenth-century Arabic logic text

Why al-Katibi’s Shamsiyya is structured the way it is ?

Fri. 7 Dec., room Luc Valentin (4th floor, 454A) !! 11 :30 !!

Medieval Arabic Logic : the state of the field.

An overview of medieval Arabic logic, and a list of the
pressing tasks for scholars to move the field ahead

Tues. 12 Dec., room Malevitch (4th floor, 483A)

On the Actual in Thirteenth-century Arabic Logic.

An argument showing that recent research has misunderstood the way Arabic
logicians consider the actual when stipulating truth-conditions for their

Tues. 18 Dec., room Klein (6th floor, 612B)

Reading Katibi’s Proofs.

A class on Katibi’s proofs in the Shamsiyya ; I am particularly interested
in the inferences he takes to be self-evident.

Thu. 20 Dec., room Malevitch (4th floor, 483A)

On Tusi’s Propositions and What They Correspond To.

A class on Tusi’s use of the idea of correspondence in defining his

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