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Talk: Alan Garbaz

A review on the relation between GR in three dimensions and Virasoro coadjoint orbits

by Alan GARBARZ,

(post-doctoral position in the department of exact and natural sciences, University of Buenos Aires UBA).

Monday January 13, 2014 , 15:00

University Paris Diderot

The description of the space of solutions of gravity in three dimensions with negative cosmological constant as coadjoint orbits of the Virasoro group is reviewed.
In this language, the space of solutions of AdS3 gravity is understood as a bunch of different orbits of the Virasoro group, characterized by their isotropy group. Because of the existence of a natural symplectic form in each orbit, being this form related to the usual Dirac bracket of the asymptotic charges, the coadjoint orbits approach is a natural starting point for the discussion of several issues arising in the quantization of different sectors of AdS3 gravity, including the statistical interpretation of black hole entropy.

Room Klimt, 366A, building Condorcet,
4, rue Elsa Morante, 75013 Paris.
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