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Fermat et les débuts modernes de la géométrie

Roshdi Rashed

Pierre Fermat is one of the key figures in mathematics. In the seventeenth century, Fermat’s work is characterized by the variety of the fields it covers. Innovative in number theory and diophantine analysis, so it is in geometrical disciplines. But, while Fermat’s work in number theory has been the subject of numerous publications, no study has yet been conducted on all his geometrical methods and theories.

This book aims to fill this gap and to provide a benchmark study devoted to the entire geometrical work of Fermat. It shows how, starting from Greek, Arabic and Latin traditions, Fermat has contributed to the modern beginnings of geometrical disciplines. Thus it offers a deep and informed understanding of several chapters of classical mathematics.

: : Olms-Weidmann
: : ISBN : 978-3-487-15685-9
: : 2018
: : VIII, 320 pp.