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Axis History and philosophy of mathematics

Reading Ancient Mathematical Texts

This seminar is organized around a presentation of a primary source and the issues it raises, followed by a reading of this edited and translated source. A session can last up to 3 hours, and is conducted by experienced researchers, doctoral students, or even Master’s students. The working language is French or English depending on the case.

Organisers : Agathe Keller, Karine Chemla, (CNRS, CHSA, SPHere), and the associated group : H. Amini, F. Cornu, C. Morice-Singh, A. Volkov

PROGRAM 2022-2023

The sessions will take place in Room 412B-Rothko, Condorcet Building, on Thursdays, 2pm-5pm.
Université Paris Cité, campus Diderot, 4, rue Elsa Morante, 75013 Paris (access map)

Dates 11-03-2022 12-01 2023-01-5 02-2 03-2 04-6 05-04 06-01
  • Thursday November 3, 2022, 2pm-5pm
    Roy Wagner (ETH Zürich)
    Reading with the group a mathematical text in Malayalam, the kaṇakkatikāram

Thursday December 1st, !! 2pm-:30pm !!

  • Felix Debierre (Univ. Paris Saclay)
    ZHU Shijie’s Jade Mirror

Thursday January 5, 2023 (cancelled)

  • Pan Shuyuan (Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences) (tbc)

Thursday February 2, 2pm-5pm

  • Leila Hamouda (University El Manar, Tunis )
    Conceptual Evolution of Multiplication Algorithm from al-Khwarizmi to al-Kashi (15th c.)
    [La langue de travail sera l’anglais]

Thursday March 2 (cancelled)

  • Alexander Jones (ISAW)
    Greek Mathematical Papyrus

Thursday April 6, 2pm-5pm, !! postponed !!

  • Eunsoo Lee (Seoul National University)
    Pappus Collectio Book 4

Thursday May 4, !! 1:30pm - 4:30pm !!

  • Sara Confalioneri (University Paris Cité, HPS, SPHere)
    Et si moins fois moins faisait moins ? Une règle de signes alternative pour la multiplication des nombres négatifs chez Cardano (1570) et son enjeu quant à la résolution des cubiques
Those who wish to participate remotely are invited to contact Agathe Keller with keyword "4-05-2023-lect-maths" as subject of mail

Thursday June 1st, 2pm-5pm

  • Hassan Assami (University of Teheran)
    A Historical Trigonometric Method for Mensuration of Quadrilaterals

    The manuscript Persan 169 of the Bibliothèque nationale de France includes a short Persian chapter related to the mensuration of quadrilateral. The method presented in this part is basically trigonometric. In this reading, we will have a glance at the history of the formulas for the area of quadrilateral, then we will read the text and finally, we will see the method from a historical perspective.
  • discussion on next program

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