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Axis History and philosophy of Life Sciences

Averroes’s Cosmology : The Middle Commentary on the De Caelo of Aristotle

In his commentaries on Aristotle’s De caelo, Averroes aimed to rethink the foundations of Aristotelian cosmology. The aim of the seminar is

1) to bring to light the principles which underlie Averroes’ project and to situate this project in the large scale history of the cosmological doctrines taking their starting point in Aristotle’s De caelo ;
2) to describe Averroes’ exegetical methods, varying with the format taken on by his commentaries. A special attention will be paid to his ‘formalist’ style and to his efforts to show that Aristotle’s exposition conforms maximally to the demonstrative model of the Posterior Analytics.

We intend to produce a French annotated translation of Averroes’ Middle Commentary on the De Caelo with a view to reconstructing a key moment in the history of medieval cosmological doctrines. This work will be carried out by combining the skills of science and philosophy historians, as well as Arabists, Hebraists and Latinists, this commentary being available in Hebrew and Latin.

Organiser : Ahmad Hasnaoui (CNRS)

Seminar of the UMR 7219, CNRS-University of Paris, with EPHE and University Paris I.

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PROGRAM 2022-2023

The program is under development and will replace the previous sessions on this page.