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Conférence de Jorge Zanelli

For 2+1 Black Hole with SU(2) hair

par Jorge Zanelli

9 septembre 2014, 16:00, salle Kasimir Malevitch, 483A*

It is well known that the 2+1-dimensional black hole is a portion of anti-de Sitter spacetime with identifications and is therefore described by a locally flat AdS connection. It is less well known that this black hole is also locally Lorentz-flat. This means that any simply connected portion of this geometry can be consistently covered by a congruence of locally inertial frames, as is the case forMinkowski spacetime in Special Relativity. By exploiting the isomorphism between SO(1,2) and SU(2), the 2+1 black hole can be endowed with a locally flat —but globally nontrivial— SU(2)connection as well. For certain values of mass and SU(2) charge, this geometry admits globally defined Killing spinors, corresponding to perturbatively stable supersymmetric vacua. These black holes are exact solutions in a supersymmetric theory whose Lagrangian is related to graphene.

* Université Paris Diderot, bâtiment Condorcet, 4, rue Elsa Morante, 75013 Paris.
Plan interactif.
Metro : ligne 14, RER C, arrêt : Bibliothèque Nationale.
Bus : 62 89 325 64 / Avenue de France.

Organisation : Gabriel Catren, porteur du projet Philosophie de la Gravitation Quantique Canonique.