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Axis World History and Anthropology of Science

4 Ethnographic Approaches in the History of Science 2012–2017

The information from 2018-2022 will replace those of 2012-2017 on this page.
2012-2017 information is now archived, which can be found under the heading
"Archives, Research Axes 2012-2017"

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Thematics 2012–2017

Within this theoretical and empirical themes will be explored the way in which research in the history of science can implement ethnographic methods - understood in the broad sense of the field survey, as it is practiced By comparative and participatory ethnology, studies on the sciences or social and cultural anthropology. Anthropologists and historians of science will join forces to confront the approaches and the results of research coming from different disciplines and theoretical and methodological traditions..

Common questions motivate this theme and link the work of its various members : how do ethnographic surveys on the practice of mathematical, scientific or medical activities carried out among practitioners in different societies and in different cultural areas, History of science and its usual categories ? How can one of these approaches enrich, support, question, but also destabilize the other ? What benefit can be drawn from the confrontation of these two approaches to push the boundaries of these two disciplines ? In addition to project-specific activities Ethnomathematics and MEREAF, the reflection of this group will be fed by a seminar / reading workshop, which will take stock of a series of recent research in anthropology of sciences.

Workshops 2012–2017
Arts de mémoire et pratiques à caractère mathématique
Anthropology of Sciences, June 2013

Members 2012–2017

LACHENAL Guillaume
Researchers – Phds students – Post-Docs
LADE Quentin
PETIT Céline