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Accueil > Axes de recherche > Interdisciplinarité en histoire et philosophie des sciences 2018-2022 > 2 Science field : uses of ethnography in history, philosophy and anthropology of sciences

Axis Interdisciplinarity in history and philosophy of science

2 Science field : uses of ethnography in history, philosophy and anthropology of sciences

Thematics of research / Membres / 2018–2022

In line with the work undertaken in the sub-axis "Ethnographic approaches in the history of science" (2012-2017), the objective of this research group will be to explore further, theoretically and empirically, the way in which research in the history and philosophy of science may use ethnographic methods - broadly understood as field investigation as practiced by comparative and participatory ethnology, science studies or anthropology social and cultural. Anthropologists, historians and philosophers of science will come together to compare research approaches and results from different disciplines and theoretical and methodological traditions.
A critical reflection on the uses of ethnography in history, philosophy and anthropology of science will be conducted in the perspective of working on the following main issues :
  • (1) What are the specificities of a philosophical or historical perspective on the field compared to that of anthropology / ethnology or sociology, and their possible complementarity ?
  • (2) How do we get on a field ("science"), which position (s) to adopt towards the subject (s) ?
  • (3) What are the contributions of a "collective" research field, involving cross-views of researchers from several fields ?
  • (4) How to treat the empirical data of a science field ? What methodological and conceptual tools to use ?
  • (5) What form (s) to give to a scientific text based on ethnographic work ?

And finally, more broadly,

  • (6) how do ethnographic surveys question the history and philosophy of science and its usual categories ? How can one of these approaches enrich, support, question, but also destabilize the other and / or push the boundaries of these disciplines ?

Several collective projects - in ethnomathematics ( ANR ETKnoS ), and in history and philosophy of medicine (SHAPES, NORMASTIM) - are part of this theme. In addition to the activities specific to these collective projects, and those of individual research (doctoral and postdoctoral projects) involving a field methodology, this group’s reflection will be nourished by an exploratory seminar entitled "Field of science and their practices : uses of science". Ethnography in History, Philosophy and Anthropology of Science, which will begin in 2017/18. These monthly meetings will aim, on the one hand, to shed light on the debates (past and current) —at the same time in anthropology, philosophy, ethnomathematics, ethnoscience ... —on the methods of ethnography (in various contexts) and of their scientific interest. On the other hand, this seminar will be a space of collective reflection to work on the questions that will raise the various works carried out in this thematic.

Members / Thematics /

Researchers - PhDs Students - Post-Docs
LADE Quentin
LLORED Jean-Pierre