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Seminar of the Centre CHSPAM

Science and Philosophy from Ancient to Modern Age

Coordination : Silvia Di Donato (CNRS, SPHere)

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Joint seminar bringing together researchers from the CHSPAM center, consisting of study days, round tables or symposiums. It provides an opportunity for work and debate on texts, themes, doctrinal and methodological issues relating to medieval Greek-Arabic, Hebrew and Latin philosophical and scientific traditions. It highlights the richness of our fields of research, and how they fit together.

PROGRAM 2023-2024

6th - 8th September 2023

SIHSPAI International symposium (International Society for the History of Arab and Islamic Science and Philosophy)
Ludwig Maximilians Universität – Prof. Huber Platz 2 - Munich
Reason and Nature: Science, Philosophy and Theology in Classical and Post-Classical Islam

25th January 2024
Silvia Di Donato
Jewish thought and the kalām.

29th February 2024
Crisitina Cerami and Damien Janos
Avicenna and the kalām II. Atomism and Natural Philosophy

4th April 2024
Valérie Cordonier, Lisa Devriesé
The methodological challenges of editing translations

6th June 2024
Vincenzo De Risi and Ulysse Chaintreuil
The acceptance of the Aristotelian theory of principles. The ancient Greek tradition (Philopon, Alexander, the Neoplatonists).

13rd - 14th June 2024
Aurélien Robert and Ana Maria Mora Marquez
Sciences in Context: Challenges to Aristotelian Methods in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

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