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Buffon, Œuvres complètes, tome VII

Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière avec la description du Cabinet du Roi (1755)

Text prepared, introduced and annotated by Stéphane Schmitt with the collaboration of Cédric Crémière

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The seventh volume of Natural History, General and Particular (1758), continues the description of the wild animals of France, and according to the plan announced, Buffon and Daubenton are interested here in species which have less and less Interest in man. A large part of the volume is thus devoted to the series of "carnivorous animals", of which about ten species are treated (especially the wolf and the fox). The plan of the work then becomes more difficult to define, and at the end of this volume, as in the following, Buffon will approach species without any particular order, beginning with various rodents (the squirrel, the rat, etc.).

Like the previous volumes, it aims at both the accuracy of the data, the quality of the style and the search for general views. In this regard, the introductory text, "Carnivorous Animals," offers Buffon an opportunity to return to important scientific and philosophical questions, such as brain function, and to continue his dialogue with Rousseau on the relationship between nature Humanity and society.

Stéphane Schmitt is director of research at CNRS (SPHERE, UMR 7219, Paris). His research focuses on the history of the life sciences of the eighteenth to the twentieth century, particularly on the development of anatomy and embryology in connection with the development of theories of evolution.

Cédric Crémière, heritage curator and director of the Museum of Natural History of Le Havre, is particularly interested in the history of anatomy and collections.

: : Champion
: : Collection "Age des Lumières", n° 0063
: : 544 pages
: : December 2011, Paris
: : ISBN : 9782745322395