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Axis History and Philosophy of Mathematics

History and Philosophy of Mathematics

The seminar is the meeting point between different SPHERE teams that are interested in mathematics. It fosters dialogue between philosophers and historians of mathematics while focusing on textual sources. Speakers are encouraged to make their sources available to the participants.

Coordination: Emmylou Haffner (Univ. Wuppertal & SPHERE), Adeline Reynaud (Univ. Paris Diderot & SPHERE), Eleonora Sammarchi (Univ. Paris Diderot & SPHERE)

SCHEDULE 2018-2019

Sessions as usual on Mondays, 9:30–17:00, in Room Klimt (366A), 3rd floor,
Building Condorcet, Paris Diderot University, 4 rue Elsa Morante, 75013 Paris. Campus map with access.

Date Thema Organisation
15/10/2019 Géométries pratiques D. Rabouin & Frédéric Métin
19/11 Géométries pratiques (suite) V. de Risi
10/12 Otto E. Neugebauer C. Proust
14/01/2019 Adrien-Marie Legendre K. Chemla
12/02/2019 Combinatoire A. Remaki
19/03 Analyse indéterminée K. Chemla & A. Keller
8/04 Unité des mathématiques J.-J. Szczeciniarz
13/05 Enseignement et histoire des mathématiques C. Proust
3/06 Nombres et symboles J. L. Gianni Gastaldi

October 15, 2018
Géométries pratiques, session organized by David Rabouin & Frédéric Métin

  • Frédéric Métin, Michael Friedman, Clarisse Budnik

November 19
Géométries pratiques (suite), session organized by Vincenzo de Risi

  • 9:30 : Orna Harari
    Alexander of Aphrodisias on Contiguity, Continuity, and Continuous Change
  • 11:00 : Vincenzo De Risi
    Continuity in Geometry from Euclid to the Early Modern Age

December 10
Otto E. Neugebauer, session organized by C. Proust

  • Norbert Schappacher, Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz, Pierre Chaigneau (à confirmer)

January 14, 2019
Adrien-Marie Legendre, session organized by K. Chemla

  • Pascal Crozet, Vincenzo de Risi, Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz

February 11
Combinatoire, session organized by A. Remaki

March 11
Analyse indéterminée, session organized by K. Chemla

April 8
Unité des mathématiques, session organized by J.-J. Szczeciniarz

May 13

Enseignement et histoire des mathématiques, session organized by C. Proust, C. Vergnerie & D. Crippa

June 3
Nombres et symboles, session organized by J. L. G. Gastaldi


Building Condorcet, University Paris Diderot, 4 rue Elsa Morante, 75013 - Paris*.Map
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