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Science and Philosophy from Ancient to Modern Age

Seminar of the Centre d’Histoire des Sciences et des Philosophies Arabes et Médiévales (CHSPAM). Coordination: S. Di Donato

Powers of Imagination. Historical Approach.

Organisers: E. Claire (CRH), B. Delaurenti (EHESS), R. Poma (Paris 12), K. Vermeir (CNRS, SPHERE)

History and Philosophy of Mathematics

Coordination: A. Padavia, A. Remaki, A. Trouillot, (Univ. of Paris, SPHere)

Mathematics from Ancient to Modern Age

Organisation : P. Crozet, V. de Risi, S. Rommevaux-Tani, (CNRS, SPHere)

Reading Ancient Mathematical Texts

Organiser: A. Keller (CNRS, SPHere)

Mathematics 19th – 21st, History and Philosophy

Coordination: F. Jaeck (ENS), N. Michel (University of Utrecht, Dpt of Mathematics, & SPHere)

Reading group of cuneiform mathematical texts

Coordination: A. Reynaud (Univ. of Paris, SPHere)

Seminar PhilMath Intersem 11. 2021

June 2–15, 2021, University Paris Diderot. Organizers: Universities Notre Dame & SPHere

History and Philosophy of Physics

Organizers: N. de Courtenay, O. Darrigol, S. Franceschelli, J. Lacki


Philosophy, History, Anthropology, Sociology and Epistemology of Chemistry

Organisation: J.-P. Llored (Ecole Centrale of Casablanca, Marocco; SPHere, & Linacre College, University of Oxford)

Epistemological Approaches to Life Sciences

Organisation: C. Angleraux (Université de Paris, Labex Who am I ?/IHPST), J.-B. Grodwohl (Université de Paris, HPS, SPHere), M. Lacomme (Université de Paris, ED 623, SPHere),

Medical humanities

Organisation: C. Lefève (University of Paris (Diderot), SPHere & Centre Canguilhem) in the framework of the program"La Personne en médecine"

Knowledge and field in health: ethical and epistemological issues

Seminar for PhDs Students ED 623 & ED 578

Organisation : C. Dekeuwer (University of Lyon 3, and SPHere, UMR 7219, CNRS–University of Paris), M. Spranzi (University of Saclay UVSQ), M. Gaille (CNRS, SPHere, University of Paris)

Seminar History & philosophy of medecine

Organisation : N. Sage-Pranchère (CNRS, SPHere)

The Desire

Seminar of History of Ancient, Medieval and Arabic Philosophy

Organisation: Pierre-Marie Morel (University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne & Gramata/CHSPAM-SPHere)

Prolepsis: Πρόληψις

Program of research on precognitive knowledge in ancient philosophy

Organisation: Stephane Marchand (Univ. Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, Gramata–SPHere)

Power and Acting in Averroes: the Great Commentary to Metaphysics Theta

Organisation: group Arabic philosophy of the Centre Jean Pépin & Centre CHSPAM (SPHERE).

Seminar of Hellenistic and Roman Philosophy: "Telling and Thinking the Future"

Organization: Gramata-SPHERE, UFR de philosophie de Paris 1 – V. Decaix (University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, Gramata-SPHere), in collaboration with the Centre Léon Robin, Sorbonne-University and University Paris-Ouest-Nanterre

History of Science, History of Text

Organisation: K. Chemla (SPHere, CNRS-University of Paris, & Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University) and the group HSHT

Historical, philosophical and anthropological approaches to numbers, measurement and measurability

Organisation: N. de Courtenay (Univ. de Paris, SPHere), C. Proust (CNRS, SPHere)

Seminar Disc of the PhDs Students of SPHere

Coordination : M. Lacomme (University of Paris, SPHere)

The “Arts of Thinking” Mathematics: introduction and case studies in Ethnomathematics

Organisation: S. Desrosiers, M. Chemillier, (EHESS), E. Vandendriessche (CNRS, SPHere)